Introducing IGNITE Core Bundle

September 9, 2022

What is the IGNITE Core Bundle?

After a long process of listening to our clients and deep research on the technology needs of the fitness and wellness industry, ABC Fitness Solutions launched it’s newest solution IGNITE in April 2022. Our knowledge in the industry for over 40 years, always focusing on innovation, continuous improvement, and working with a team of experts, brought IGNITE to life. IGNITE is designed to be the hub of clubs’ and fitness studios’ daily routine to help them keep up with the industry’s latest operational needs, and to focus on putting their members first and to help them grow their management software homescreen mockup

The need for a single solution to manage daily operational tasks brought IGNITE’s core products to life; Membership & Operations, Commerce and Insights. The all-in-one solution consists of 4 products that will allow clubs to manage daily operational tasks and members, billing and payments, and reporting needs. IGNITE’s core products are designed in a unique way to serve operators, employees, staff, and members; lowering total cost of ownership while providing the convenience of working with a single vendor. 

Landon Burningham, Founder and CEO of Physiq Fitness, shares his thoughts on IGNITE’s core products “The consolidation of various technologies as well as the addition of new features in ABC IGNITE equated to $1000 cost savings across our 4 locations, additionally the biggest savings is the time found within the team that’s just as valuable, if not more. Dealing with one partner vendor versus, in our case, four different ones at one point, is something that we can’t put a value on,” he clarifies, adding “Additionally, the ease of use of Membership & Operations for my front-line staff cuts down on their time and stress dealing with multiple companies. This, of course, saves tons of money over time with each staff person now being more efficient and onboarded more quickly.”   

Let’s take a deeper look at IGNITE core products and their functionalities.  

IGNITE Membership & Operations 

All the tools managers and club staff need to simplify daily tasks, decrease time invested in employee training, increase efficiency and improve member experience. 

  • A holistic view of member information is available to staff on the home page, giving them the ability to answer questions while updating information efficiently and quickly
  • Ability for front desk staff to multi-task with persistent check-in and point of sale drawers  
  • Manage employee schedules, class schedules, club announcements and specials 
  • Robust online functionality to sell new memberships, upgrade, enroll, schedule classes and appointments 
  • Access real-time club status information, including memberships, capacity, club announcements, calendar and more, using any device wherever you are 
  • Manage your facility and staff schedules, time tracking, and commissions 
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate and user-friendly interface to reduce staff training time 
  • Full POS system with inventory control 
  • Go paperless for all documentation needs (if desired) 
  • Flexibility to operate with tablets 
  • Ability for members to log in and change account and payment information 

IGNITE Commerce 

The best revenue-cycle management solution exclusively designed to serve the fitness and wellness industry with fully automated PCI Level 1 compliant billing and payment processing that will help to collect more money faster!  fitness club billing software mockup

  • Ability to process 24/7, 365 days a year 
  • No fees for failed transactions  
  • Automated courtesy calls to members to update card info when approaching expiration date 
  • Simplifies complexities and automates the sales tax rates and regional sales taxes for geographically disbursed locations 
  • Follow-up on delinquent membership payments for up to 90 days 
  • Ability to store multiple payment options to maximize revenue generation 
  • Contactless payment options  
  • ABC utilizes all available credit card updater programs (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) at no charge 
  • All software and data are stored in multiple data warehouses, located in different geographical areas with real time redundancy and rapid failover in case of a major natural disaster, meaning the club’s data is safe and secure with over 99.99% uptime. 

IGNITE Insights Analyze 

Part of IGNITE Insights, Analyze, provides ready to use, on-demand, visualized reports and dashboards with a 360-degree view of the business, available in just a few seconds with just one-click for improved, critical decision-making.  

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  • More than 35 visualized dashboards and reports available out of the box 
  • Save filtered views, subscribe and distribute dashboards and reports  
  • Permission based access to reports based on employee role 
  • Create personalized tabular style report for ad hoc analysis on operational data  
  • Access data from anywhere, anytime and any device on demand 

The bottom line is ABC’s continuous effort to provide the best for it’s users based on their needs, helped develop IGNITE core products, the best and newest club management solution in the fitness industry.

Bill McBride, Co-Founder and CEO of Active Wellness, shares his experience and thoughts about his partnership with ABC and IGNITE, “ABC has always been a great partner for lots of reasons. You’re way ahead of the curve and you guys have built a legacy of trust and innovation in the industry, and what you’re doing now with IGNITE is off the charts. All the upgrades that have been made with IGNITE are just fantastic, I think you’re way ahead of the curve at a gold standard right now.”

The combination of ABC’s excellent client support and the tools IGNITE’s core products provide will increase the efficiency of staff leaving them more time to serve members, help operators to spend less time in the back office to manage tedious reports, improve billing and payments process, which will result in overall growth of your business. 

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