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Gym reporting software for
better and faster decisions

Get best-in-class gym reporting software featuring on-demand dashboards with 360-degree views of your business for improved visual analysis and better decision-making.


Robust gym reporting software that connects every metric across your club.

IGNITE Insights, our analytics module, consists of 2 distinct products: Analyze, which includes cloud-based reporting and real-time dashboard for ABC data sets, and Customize, a data-warehouse-as-a-service tool that integrates multiple sources of data with a customized view.

  • On-demand, from any device access to 360° views of the business
  • Connected to the data source so you can drill down into the data or change parameters and get an immediate response for faster analysis and deeper understanding
  • Data visualizations that help you find key metrics, spot trends more easily, and identify areas of opportunity or concern in your business
  • Configurable tabular reports for deep analysis and easy export into Excel or other business intelligence tools
  • Cloud-based, scalable and secure platform provides the data integrity, availability and performance you need in a source of truth

On average, club operators spend 1.5 hours per day collecting and analyzing data from up to 8 various sources.

IGNITE Insights Products

gym reporting software dashboard

Insights Analyze

Analyze pulls data from the ABC product suite ecosystem to give you a complete view of your club’s performance, and help you answer key business questions. Insights Analyze is included when you purchase IGNITE Membership, Operations and Commerce.

Analyze helps answer critical business questions such as:

  • How are the clubs performing? Have we hit pre COVID numbers?​
  • What is the impact of late payments and canceled memberships on cash flow?
  • Are the demographics of the club changing? Does it require me to modify the services?​
  • Who is visiting the clubs? When is my club the busiest so that I can make appropriate staffing decisions?
  • How active is my member base? Knowing what they utilize, and purchase will impact retention.

Cloud-based reports and dashboards are available desktop and mobile, with ability to save filter views, subscribe and distribute based on your schedule.

gym reporting software dashboard view

Insights Customize

Customize extends the capabilities of Analyze to include external, non-ABC data inputs. It also gives you the ability to create your own data definitions, customize reporting dashboards and engage professional services.

Customize helps answer critical business questions such as:

  • Who are my net promoters in the club and what are they saying about the club?
  • How is the team trending towards the various sales goals?
  • What is my funnel conversion rate and which lead channel is most effective year-over-year?
  • How is my latest club opening and financial projections compared to other clubs in my business when they first opened?
  • How are the trainers performing compared to last month? By location?

Our professional services team is ready to connect directly to your data with over 50+ pre-built connectors with different solutions include: member management, club management, CRM, Intuit QuickBooks, Google Analytics, MXM Metrics, and more.

Real success stories from actual clients.

“The reporting features are far superior to any we have had before. With better and more information, our managers have an easier time managing their staff and their club.”

— Steve Sweener, Gold's Gym

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