ABC Fitness Solutions Unveils ABC IGNITE, Next Generation Club Management Solution

Get more of your money, faster

With our best-in-class solution for Revenue-cycle Management

Revenue-Cycle Management

The #1 club management software in the fitness industry. Period.

When it comes to Revenue-cycle Management, ABC is No. 1 for a reason. Our fully integrated, completely customizable solution includes everything club owners need to maximize revenue, including:

  • Automated billing and payment services.
  • Proven delinquency remediation.
  • Omnichannel member outreach and support.
  • Expert team to help increase revenue and reduce member friction.

With ABC, you can expect a 4%-7% improvement to your collection rate.

A track record of driving revenue and delivering results

Over the past 40 years, ABC has built the industry’s most comprehensive solution for Revenue-cycle Management. Every day, thousands of gyms rely on our automated solutions and seasoned professionals to help club owners and operators maximize revenue and boost operational performance.

Get revenue easier and faster

Draft payments 365 days a year with automatic updater for credit cards and emails.

Quickly resolve billing issues

Reduce business risk with proven 90-day delinquency remediation.

Provide industry-leading support

Industry-leading member outreach includes omnichannel follow-up and communication.

Free up resources

Your team can focus on growing your business, not managing invoices and recovering dues.

Deliver peace of mind

ABC’s payment processing solutions are safe, secure and PCI-compliant.

Seamless conversion

Team of onboarding experts gets your club up and billing within 60 days from signing, on average.

Real success stories from actual clients

“To have a solution partner that really stands with you and helps you run your business day-to-day is incredible. I don’t think there is any other company out there that has provided the level of support that ABC does. To me it’s a no brainer.”

— Dave Gurnsey, Just Move Athletic Club

“ABC helps me focus on what we are trying to do as fitness people. We’re not in the billing business, we’re in the fitness business.”

— Spencer McDaniel, ATC Fitness

“We decided to go with ABC over other software companies because they are the forerunner in innovation. They had robust Revenue-cycle Management expertise and were able to offer us an overall improvement in our software platform and features offered.”

— Kris Peterson, CHUZE Fitness

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