ABC Fitness Solutions Helps Redefine In-Club and On-Demand Digital Member Services with the Launch of ABC+

Simplify club management and increase profitability

With an all-in-one club administration software that is effective and efficient.

Club Administration

Every day, thousands of clubs improve their operations with ABC

For decades, ABC has led the way in comprehensive club management. Today, our club administration capabilities are the most advanced in the industry, empowering club owners to maximize operational efficiency.

  • Streamline cash management with a single POS.
  • Improve security and safety with state-of-the-art solutions like hands-free entry.
  • Leverage advanced tools for employee scheduling and inventory management.
  • Give your team the tools they need to effectively grow your business.

ABC is the #1 club management software solution in the fitness industry, trusted by 16,000 clubs and studios.

Our solution is flexible, scalable and secure

ABC offers the proven solution for all types of fitness facilities — from small to large, single or multi-location, startup or established. As the leader in club management, we’re always adding new and innovative tools designed to improve your performance.

Single point of sales

Streamline cash management with our single point-of-sale solution.

Inventory and resource tracking

Restock and adjust quantities on hand, track vendors and unit cost.

Resource scheduling

Easy manage scheduling for employee and contractors.

ABC Door Access by Openpath

Improve your safety and security with fitness industry’s most advanced hands-free entry platform. Learn more.

Completely secure

Protect sensitive information with our fully encrypted, password-protected system.

Real success stories from actual clients

“I’m continually impressed with ABC. They are constantly offering innovative new products and services that can help health club operators run their businesses better. They truly measure their success by the success of their clients.”

— Eric Buckner, 10 Fitness

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