Who has time for sleep anyways?

May 27, 2015

A typical day at work: all your coworkers walk in with their to-go cups of coffee. When they finish that cup, they head straight to the break room to make another pot of coffee. Some people drink coffee because of its taste, but most will say they drink coffee for the caffeine. So, why do they need caffeine so early in the morning? Because they did not get enough sleep the night before.

Getting the recommended amount of sleep every night can help you mentally as well as physically. When waking up after a full night’s sleep, you will feel less fatigue and will notice you will have more energy to get you through the day. Sleep deprivation can impact you focus and attention during the day.

Resting gives your body time to recover from the day’s work, and gives your tired muscles time to recover. As you go about your everyday activities, your brain and body can be exposed to hundreds of things; it takes a lot to process all the information if you are still tired from the night before. Getting rest at night prepares your mind and body to take on the crazy day-to-day activities you encounter.

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Sleeping has been proven to benefit your mind by improving your memory and lowering stress levels. After a good night’s rest, you will perform better physically and mentally. If you, like most others, only get a few hours of sleep at night, try changing your nightly routine. If you are getting to sleep late you have trouble falling asleep, try a relaxing exercise to fall asleep. One of the steps to a healthy lifestyle is getting enough rest at night so your body is up for anything the next day! Getting an adequate amount of sleep might even improve your quality of life.