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Powerful member management for boutique fitness, studios, and gyms.

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Powering Fitness Studios and Gyms with
Innovative Solutions and Gym Software

ABC Glofox optimizes all aspects of your business and delivers a powerful suite of gym software tools for fitness studios of all sizes. It’s no wonder four studios sign up with ABC Glofox every day around the world. Manage your class bookings and payments, engage your members and make data-driven decisions to sustain strong growth with our leading fitness studio software. Develop a dedicated fitness community within your studio with your very own custom branded app and ensure your studio and brand stands out.

The ABC Glofox Dashboard

Navigate your business with ease with ABC Glofox’s dashboard. Get a 360º view of your operations and all the essential tools you need to successfully run your boutique studio.

Branded Members App

An easy to use and intuitive app for your members and your members only to schedule classes, manage their memberships and engage with your fitness community. An engaging tool that will extend your studios experience beyond your four walls.

Customer Insight Reports

Help to nurture and retain member relationships.

with Trainerize

With this exciting integration of two of our market leading softwares available to fitness operators, customers can offer their members new customized workouts, digital coaching, nutrition and more.

ABC Glofox Amplify

Streamline your customer communications to accelerate your growth with our customer engagement tool. Leverage easy to use automations that drive revenue by converting more leads into paying customers and retaining valued members for longer.

Available In Over 80 Countries

ABC Glofox supports fitness studios of all types: HIIT, Pilates, boxing, cycling, PT studios, and more!

What Do Our Customers Say?

Glofox – Beatbox Dublin

My business wouldn’t be where it is now without Glofox.

James Murphy
Beatbox Dublin
Glofox – Komo studios

I see Glofox as an overall holistic partner, not just as a booking platform but as a partner for our growth

Joy Bitonio
Komo Studios Hawaii
Glofox – Switch Playground

I was constantly wondering how to automate our email process and customer communications. As gyms, we are very busy environments and we have close to 800 clients now with so many touch-points it was almost impossible to manually communicate with them all. When Glofox came along and then introduced Glofox Amplify it was like a breathe of fresh air.

Devon Miller
Switch Playground
Glofox – The Pilates Place

Glofox understands the smaller studio experience, easily customisable to what we need and the software can easily adapt to what we need it to do in the studio – super easy to use and for our staff to be trained too.

Jackie Weiner
The Pilates Place
Glofox – Bazara Yoga

As a small studio our brand is so important to us so having our very own branded app is so valuable to our business and our members love the seamless booking experience with Glofox.

Alex du Toit
Bazara Yoga
Glofox – Journey Fit

Glofox has really supported us with the growth journey of our business from a revenue standpoint, from a members standpoint, but particularly what I like about Glofox was the ability to create the app, that was solid

Victoria Thomas
JourneyFit Dallas
Glofox – Spartans Boxing

Glofox is the right partner to have, I’m very confident that Glofox is the operating system that will grow and support us as we build into the 100s and 1000s.

Nazar Musa
Spartans Boxing Singapore
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