Get in Sync with Your Gym’s Sales Team

February 8, 2023

Building Morale, Spotting Slumps & Making Money

Closing a sale is not the easiest part of business for any company but is a vital function and the lifeblood of your club’s success. In the fitness industry, we tend to focus most of our energy on attracting, maintaining, and motivating members. To do this well, we also need an equal amount of energy to build, support, and encourage the sales team members who keep the gyms full.

So how do gym sales managers and owners motivate a team? What are some simple practices?

Managers and owners need to look at the team as a whole and as individuals. Individual motivation is essential to team morale. The best sales managers follow some of these simple practices to energize teams and individuals alike.

61% of salespeople agree “clear expectations and goals” is a top factor impacting productivity.(1)

  • Set goals that are attainable yet competitive. Sales teams are driven by the desire to be good and get results. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, set team goals and individual goals.

With clear goals, sales teams experience a 2.7X increase in confidence hitting them.(1)

  • Reward good practice and achievements. Everyone likes to feel wanted and appreciated, especially when those goals are achieved. Rewards don’t have to be huge, but they should be something the sales team desires and will drive towards.

53% of salespeople say having a good manager is a top motivator.(1)

  • Develop team members and share information with them – larger business goals, industry news, learning opportunities, etc. Knowledge is power, and it shows you’re vested in their growth and success.

When salespeople are motivated, they are 2.6X more likely to not look for another job.(1)

  • Get to know your team and listen. The sales team looks up to the sales managers and owners for inspiration and support. They also look to them to understand their needs and emotions. Learn about the individuals who make up the team by talking about their life outside of work and what they enjoy.

20% of sales team managers feel the greatest challenge is empowering their team and not micromanaging.

  • Be open to ideas from the sales team; some may just be creative enough to drive the business further. Managers and owners may have been in the same role for some time and be stuck in their ways. The art of sales is a moving phenomenon, and people must change to adapt to new technologies, tactics, and modern skills.

More than 30% of sales-related activities can be automated through technology.(2)

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  • Provide the sales teams with the tools needed to do their jobs with ease. No one likes working with outdated technology and systems. Modern, intelligent systems like IGNITE Sales deliver a connected sales tool that enables teams and individuals to connect with customers to offer relevant upsell opportunities. Its proven formula gives the team the chance to capture, nurture and convert leads in an easy-to-use, modern format. It automates many mundane aspects of prospecting and timely communication, allowing teams to focus on more exciting parts of their job. An investment in modern technology demonstrates to the team you are serious about giving them the tools to reach their goals.

Spotting the Sales Slump

Sales have highs and lows, and at some point, every salesperson hits a wall. For a sales manager, the ability to spot signs of demotivation, and react and re-route before numbers and morale begin to slump, is critical. So how do you know if your gym sales team is at risk? Here are some signs:

  • Increased holiday requests and sick days – One of the easiest ways to spot an unmotivated individual is their absence trends. Are they taking more days off sick or booking holidays, just so they don’t have to meet targets, make calls, and justify their days?
  • Drop in Performance – Is there an unusual low in the performance of the team or individual? Has the sale cycle increased? Can outside factors explain it? Remember, members are in a constant state of flux.

We hope these simple practices increase the chances of having a stable, motivated team that feels valued in their role and in turn, a strong and thriving business.

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