ABC Fitness Solutions Helps Redefine In-Club and On-Demand Digital Member Services with the Launch of ABC+

Accelerate new member sales

With the fitness industry’s top CRM for gyms and growing clubs.

Member Acquisition

Capture, nurture and convert leads with GymSales powered by ABC

Together, ABC and GymSales offer an all-in-one gym lead management solution that gives you the ability to grow your membership and beat sales goals using an automated, disciplined approach.

  • Simplify sales, marketing and lead nurturing efforts with an integrated phone dialer and single-click self-booking.
  • Standardize your sales approach using automated and triggered communications including phone calls, text messaging and emails.
  • Motivate your sales team with KPI dashboards that track and optimize performance.

Did you know that text reminders increase appointment attendance rates by up to 40%?

Get the tools you need to a create a powerful, automated sales engine

Our all-in-one member acquisition solution includes a growing family of tools that allow you to nurture leads throughout the sales journey, efficiently and effectively.

Easy-to-use interface

All your sales team needs to do is log in, follow the prompts and notifications, and start selling.

Automated, trigger-based communications

Prompt your sales team to contact leads at key stages of the sales process or when certain triggers are activated.

Personalize communication

Build custom prospect profiles and a more personalized sales approach based on up-to-date social insights.

Online appointment scheduler

Offer your prospects the ability to schedule appointments directly from a text or email.

Integrated phone dialer

Dial directly from your computer. Calls are tracked and transcribed automatically, and can be recorded for training.

Automated phone, email and text messages

Communicate with leads effortlessly with automated messages to confirm appointments, introduce offers, promote events and more.

Touchless guest waiver

Streamline the sales process by allowing your leads to fill out and submit guest waivers on their mobile devices.

In-depth reporting

Optimize performance by analyzing detailed reports on campaign effectiveness, lead sources, win-loss ratios and more.

KPI dashboards

Track your KPIs across 12 metrics on sales-specific dashboards, keeping your sales team focused and motivated.

Real success stories from actual clients

“I love the functionality and design of GymSales. Its smart automation saves us so much time, especially with setting up and confirming appointments.”

— Elle Warren, Snap Fitness

“GymSales allows me to track all my leads, trials and sales easily and ensures leads never get lost, which is fantastic.”

— Daniel Hayes, The Urban Fitness Club

“Thanks to GymSales, we now communicate with leads efficiently and professionally. We track our sales performance accurately and identify areas for improvement that we wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. And because GymSales is a web-based system, we are able to respond to new inquiries from anywhere, at any time.”

— Danielle Cook, Fernwood Fitness Bendigo

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