4 Common New Year’s Gym Resolutions Everyone Gives Up On (And How You Can Make Sure They Don’t)

February 7, 2023

We’ve all been there. In January we’re excited to dive into our New Year’s resolutions at our gym, only to be defeated by February. Afterall, it’s common. Research shows that most resolutions don’t stick.

One key area of resolutions that takes up a large portion of the public’s attention is fitness, and these are the resolutions you should be thinking about as a gym owner. Why? Because right now gyms are flooded with individuals with resolutions on their mind, and most of them are going to fail. This is a problem for you because when members don’t succeed at their goals, they often drop their membership.

Here are 4 common gym resolutions everyone gives up on:

  • Losing Weight
  • Building Muscle
  • Increasing Attendance
  • Improving Diet

This blog will show that helping members succeed at these resolutions is your opportunity to become a fixture of accountability and motivation for your members, ultimately leading to better retention rates throughout the year.

Common Resolutions

Losing Weight—The most common fitness resolution. Whether a lot or a little, people are interested in shedding pounds, especially on the heels of a global pandemic.

Building Muscle—Your gym is the headquarters for your members body building and body composition goals for the year. The only route to their destination is strength training.

Improving Diet—Both losing weight and building muscle involve proper nutrition. Additionally, a healthy diet is important in overall health. Possibly, your members are looking to counteract some poor nutritional choices during the holidays.

Increasing Attendance—The only way to get results is to put the work in. So, people vow to show up more to increase their overall wellness.

Making Members Successful

Provide Accountability—Making sure that your members are accountable for their resolutions is the first step towards having them be successful. This can be done through personal training, group classes, and community building. The greater your members’ networks are, the more likely they will succeed.

Try making a bulletin board where members can openly track their progress. You can do this through photos, charts, or attendance records. Encourage your members to share their goals with you, your staff, and other members. It’s much more difficult to break a resolution when everyone you interact with knows about it. For some people, a personal trainer is the solution they are looking for.

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Offer Ancillary Sales—Can your helping members with their resolutions be your ticket to additional revenue? Yes. It turns out that you can supply much-needed additional services and goods that will help them on their journey.

Offering secondary sales (such as personal training) to members is an opportunity to add other revue streams to your business, while helping your members achieve success. Also, consider selling shakes or supplements to help members along their nutritional journeys.

Give Motivation—Our 2022 Market Research showed (see below) that lack of motivation is the number one reason people don’t reach their fitness goals.

Consider a motivational newsletter for your members that will keep them engaged and inspired. Also, think about how you can make your gym more visually inspiring to members. Hang motivational quotes and inspiring imagery in key places.


We hope these three strategies will help make your gym a destination for New Year’s resolution accomplishment. This will lead to better retention throughout 2023.

For any information on how ABC IGNITE can help your member retention through our CRM, reporting features, and member profiles please schedule a call with our account executive team today.