How Secondary Sales Can Lead to Customer Loyalty

julho 29, 2022

Are you looking for ways to expand your traditional gym services to be more in line with your clients? wants and interests, as well as the changing health and wellness industry? Are there services you could provide that you haven?t yet monetized that could attract new members? 

Additionally, what if we told you that adding new services to your club can also be the secret to increasing member retention rates and building more customer loyalty?  

These services are called secondary sales, and there is no limit to the number of revenue streams you can add to your club. 

What are secondary sales? 

Secondary sales are revenue streams other than membership fees. These are the sources of income that you can sell at your POS and promote in campaigns through a customer relationship management platform.  

What can you provide your members with that they currently want but don?t have? Think about the evolving needs of your members, as well as what your competitors are offering, and become their solution. 

Think beyond towels. Think beyond lockers. Think beyond personal training. 

What about: 

  • Childcare 
  • Body scanning 
  • VR Fitness Classes 
  • Spa Services 

Each of these, and more, can become secondary sales for your business and help maximize your revenue.  

Sell More, Maximize Revenue 

Gyms are no longer simple places to run in-and-out of for a quick routine. They are places where members are seeking a full experience and community.  

Given this, what?s one sure way to make more revenue? Sell more to your clientele to meet their increasing demands.  

You see, once you have maximized your membership numbers, and maximized that amount of money you get for each membership, the only way to increase revenue is through creating different revenue streams. 

Secondary sales can become a huge part of your profit margins once you start exploring them.  

Better Retention, More Loyalty  

Here?s a mind blowing fact: 

17 Templates to Streamline Communication With Your Members in 2024


According to IHRSA, clubs that experience more interactions with members generally have higher retention because members feel a more personal level of connection with their gym. 

Be more than a facility for your clients to exercise at. Be a brand for your clients that is integrated with their daily lifestyle.  

This is how secondary sales can lead to increased customer loyalty. When you are more than a workout facility for your customers, they feel a greater level of connection with you. 

Consider what recurring services you can offer to maximize revenue and raise retention, while building customer loyalty. 

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