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10 Ways to Generate More Money at Point-of-Sale

May 2021

How can socks generate money at your club’s point-of-sale?

Things like socks and locks may seem like small potatoes – especially compared to profit centers like personal training and premium memberships. However for anyone that’s ever forgotten a pair of gym socks, the convenience of being able to purchase an extra pair at the gym is well worth the discomfort you’d otherwise endure.

As a gym owner or operator, selling socks probably isn’t the lucrative business opportunity you’ve envisioned, but over time, these small revenue sources add up! You know your audience best, and whether you’re hosting outdoor workouts in sunny Arizona or catering to busy professionals on their lunch breaks, offering things like sunscreen and deodorant at point of sale can go a long way.

Think about items that would be convenient for your members – but not so convenient that your lobby looks like a Brooklyn bodega. Here are some common items that our own team have needed to buy at the gym to get you started.

1. Locker locks

man at gym locker roomForgetting or misplacing a locker lock can be a big reason why a member may skip going to the gym. If you offer inexpensive padlocks and key locks, your members will know they can go ahead and show up for their workout without worry, because they can always get a new lock when they arrive for little cost.

*Bonus tip: If your club doesn’t provide locker rental, consider surveying members to learn if this type of investment in your facilities may become a possible future revenue stream.


2. Socks

Like a lock, no one wants to show up at the gym only to find that they have no socks. Having socks on hand can help your members avoid the discomfort and pain that can prevent them from being fully active, or from bruised egos – because there’s little more embarrassing than working out in dress socks.

3. Additional Clothing

Offering basic workout clothing, such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, yoga pants, sports bras, and sweatshirts means your members can seamlessly go about their day, even if they left half of the contents of their gym bag at home.

Be sure to have a variety of sizes available and even look into possible branded clothing options as a further way to grow your club’s brand visibility.

*Bonus tip: Consider partnering with a local laundry service to offer your club as a pickup or drop-off location for dry-cleaning and other laundry needs as a premium member option or add-on service option.

4. Hand sanitizer

Hygiene is more important now than ever before. Gym-goers (and people in general) are more aware of cleanliness, so having travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes that your members can purchase will help them feel at ease.

5. Face masks

Whether your state or your business has a COVID mask mandate in place, you will no doubt have members who either need or prefer to wear a mask. Consider offering a small selection of branded cloth masks they can sport while working out in your facility.

6. Recovery services

Workout recovery services such as cryotherapy and massage services are convenient add-ons to your members’ workout experience. They can finish their workout, then get their recovery kick-started before they even leave the gym.

*Bonus tip: Body fat measurements and other health assessments or measuring equipment can also serve as a differentiating service your club can offer.

7. Drinks & Refreshments

Consider offering pre-packaged and refrigerated drinks on-site. Water, electrolyte drinks, protein shakes, smoothies, and juices provide much-needed hydration and fuel for your members’ workouts.

8. Snacks & nutritional supplements

Many people need a quick snack, either pre- or post-workout, to keep them going. Consider keeping a variety of healthy, pre-packaged snacks on hand for members who need to eat. You don’t want your gym members to skip coming in because they were hungry. Make sure you offer a good selection for a range of dietary needs (gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low glycemic, etc.).

9. Earbuds

workout with headphonesHave regular gym-goers who prefer to listen to music while they workout? Consider offering earbuds that plug into smartphones or the audio jack in your workout equipment (such as your treadmills or elliptical machines).

A workout in silence can be a painful experience; your members will be elated to know that they won’t need to drive home to grab their headphones.

*Bonus tip: If your club has a streaming platform for music like Spotify, Apple Music, etc., consider creating a workout playlist or have each of your staff craft their own. This can be a fun way to engage with members and showcase your club’s personality.

10. Travel-size toiletries and personal care products

Many people prefer to shower after their workout–but what if they forget essential personal care items? Travel-size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream, razors, and deodorant are all daily essentials they won’t want to go without after a refreshing shower.

Some members may even be willing to upgrade these items, like larger soft plush towels or premium bath products. Try providing these upgrades and assess how your members respond.

*Bonus tip: Selling gym bag deodorizers or fabric freshening sprays can be a great way to generate some additional revenue while also keeping your locker room smelling fresh.


How to Get the Word Out About Your Gym’s Point-of-Sale Offerings

All of these ideas are well and good, but how do you make sure that your members know you provide these convenient purchase options?

In your club, display product advertisements prominently, with eye-catching signage in the places that make the most sense while using social media and email marketing outreach to debut any new offers, products, or services. Also don’t forget that most of the items above can be branded by your club which can help raise awareness among your members.

With the right mix of offerings, your gym will not only gain additional income streams, but also improve the overall member experience – it’s a win-win.