Trust The Health Club Billing Dance To A Seasoned Partner

May 25, 2012

It’s the dance that keeps your health club fit and moving forward. But if the steps aren’t done correctly – it can become a waste of time, energy and dollars. No, we’re not talking about Zumba. We’re talking about health club billing.

And just like your Zumba classes will run far more smoothly with an experienced instructor, your billing processes will become far more streamlined if trusted to an experienced partner.

Here are just a few ways an experienced health club billing provider can help keep your steps in place:

1. By Leading You Through The Harder Steps – Health club management is all about relationships. You work hard to create an atmosphere of professionalism and fun – but that can be difficult when dealing with outdated payment processes or with members that aren’t up-to-date with their bill paying. It can be even harder when you are forced into a situation of being the bad guy with a severely delinquent member. A health club billing team will help ease payment processing and manage agreement obligations, saving you time and helping your members stay on track. And in those rare cases where a bad guy is needed – they are experienced and ready.

2. By Keeping The Rhythm & Stopping Interruptions – Nothing takes away from profits like delinquent accounts. A billing service team can help your health club reduce delinquencies by setting-up alerts that automatically notify you of late payments – and when needed – by tracking down any members using expired or closed accounts.

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3. By Adhering To Time – The longer it takes for a member’s billing questions to be answered, the longer your club will have to wait to receive dues.

 An experienced billing team will take the time to learn about your club – and combine that with their existing knowledge of industry billing processes – so they can respond to your members quickly and accurately on your behalf.

4. By Keeping It Personal – Even When It’s Automatic – When you need to announce changes or contact members, an automated communication system is crucial. 

A billing team can ensure these communications remain personalized – whether it’s by adding a signature to an outbound email or by overseeing the training of an outbound collections team – even if the volume of your membership makes it impossible to connect one-on-one.

By trusting an experienced health club billing provider, you’ll ensure your members’ decision to invest their time and money in your club will remain mutually beneficial. And just as importantly, with the time and money you save, you’ll have plenty left over to bring on that new Zumba instructor.