How The Right Gym Software Helps Muscle Up Personal Training

May 25, 2012

You are likely using gym software to streamline financial reporting, track employee schedules, reduce delinquencies and check in members. But if you aren’t leveraging it to help your personal trainers improve their services, your gym – and your members – could be missing out.

Here are 3 ways the right gym software can help you enhance your personal training programs:

  1. Automate Training Schedules – The best case scenario for your club is that your trainers have days full of happy clients but the worst case can easily occur if those trainers don’t have a way to manage the dynamic nature of scheduling, rescheduling and scheduling again.The best software gives an automated template that is user friendly and time efficient so your trainers can spend their time where they are best suited – on the floor with happy members.
  2. Manage Weight Room Traffic – Take a look at any successful gym at 6 p.m. on a week night and you’ll see more traffic than on the runways at La Guardia. It isn’t the easiest time for trainers to run through their programs but sometimes they don’t have a choice.Let your software serve as a health club traffic controller by making it easier for trainers working with clients that are paying for sessions, as well as the members who are following their own routines. You can create multi-use schedules for machines and areas of the club (such as the soft turf area or basketball courts).
  3. Track Progress – Clients need to track their progress to experience the success that comes with consistent hard work – but so do trainers. Personal training monitoring relies on goal setting and reporting just as fitness building does.Gym software can be customized to create any range of reports including such elements as:

    – New Training Goals
    – Fitness Milestones Reached
    – Training Session Sales Expectations
    – Personnel Training And Education Certification Requirements

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The beauty of gym software isn’t just the customization of such reports, it’s the timeliness in which you can adjust and distribute those reports on demand.

By taking the guess work out of the behind the scenes tasks, you can give more freedom to your personal training team in providing members the positive fitness experience they’ve been promised. And you can keep your teams motivated and energized at the same time.

For more ways to enhance your personal training services with the right software, request a demo from ABC Financial.