5 Ways Health Club Software Can Help Reduce Delinquencies at Multi-Facility Clubs

May 25, 2012

Health club managers of multi-facility clubs have enough on their plates without having to worry about delinquent payments. The good news is that the best health club software can reduce delinquencies in a number of ways.

Previously, we discussed how clubs can reduce delinquencies and briefly mentioned a few issues health club software can help solve. Today, we will discuss how the right health club software, in concert with expert billing services, can reduce your delinquencies whether you manage one club or a chain of thousands:

1. Finding Delinquencies – Health club members, just like health club managers live harried lives. Sometimes the unpaid bill hidden at the bottom of a paper stack on the kitchen table might just be your health club’s next delinquency. With the right software and technology, you can be alerted quickly when an account has gone delinquent at any of your clubs – whether it’s across the street or across the country.

2. Closed Accounts or Expired Credit Cards – It’s probably one of the most common obstacles to regular dues payments and is frequently one that occurs without your customer’s realization. A quick determination of a customer’s closed account, canceled credit card or insufficient funds is often all that’s needed to help get them back on track. The faster your software catches such common delinquency problems, the faster you can fix these bill paying snafus.

3. Automation – Health club software can help you automate many of your processes, including billing. This is especially important when it comes to multi-facility clubs. Trying to manage billing processes manually risks errors, which could lead to delinquencies. The right kind of health club software can reduce or even eliminate error-prone manual efforts.

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4. Better Processes – Today, collections are more streamlined and convenient than mailing letters or making phone calls. Processes need to be in place to support electronic payments, while accommodating for security compliance issues, credit/debit card rule changes, and systems to minimize payment interruptions. Having the tools in place to accomplish this and knowing what to do with them can contribute to your success.

5. Consolidation of Information – In days past, health clubs had a computer for check-in, a filing cabinet for member files, a manual system for tracking machine maintenance and varied software to manage accounts receivables. Now spread that ‘’system’ across multiple facilities and you have a situation ripe for potential financial troubles. These days, the right health club software keeps all your information in the same place, even across multiple facilities, making your processes easier to find and manage.

Delinquencies are part of the health club management landscape, but can be a particularly menacing problem for multiple facilities. They can be a particular problem for health clubs with multiple facilities. Fortunately there are tools available to accommodate your club’s needs, and those of your guests, that are designed to adapt and expand as your business does.

For more ways to boost your health club processes, request a health club software demo from ABC Financial.