5 New Health Club Software Features That Will Keep Your Club Running Smoothly

January 25, 2012

While advancements in technology are designed to ease our world, the truth of the matter is that these advancements can do just as much to overwhelm us. This is true whether we are discussing something as complex as software or as seemingly straightforward as an iPhone.

At ABC Financial, we have recently launched several new features of our club reporting system, each designed to make running your club easier and more profitable. To ensure that these advancements help you achieve your objectives, without contributing to the overwhelming noise of technology you may oftentimes experience, I would like to take some time to introduce you to some of these features below:

  1. Refined Interface. Our software was always designed to feel clean – but with our newest updates, we’ve taken this to a whole new level, while still retaining the tabbed interface in which our users are familiar using.
  2. Graph Creation. Some people learn from data by viewing and comparing numbers, while others learn better from graphical representations. Our new graph creation feature makes it easier for you to analyze and present your club’s data, helping you to more quickly make decisions and act on them.
  3. New & Enhanced Reporting. Our new features allow you to find reports grouped into make-sense subcategories for ease and convenience. And with our new Active Report feature, you can conveniently run reports directly in an HTML browser window, in a format that allows you to create formulas and filters as though you were using Microsoft Excel.
  4. Favorites Management. At some point, you will identify a set of reports more critical to the success of your club than others. Our new Favorites Management feature allows you to keep the most beneficial reports all in one location, so you don’t have to look around for them or re-create the reports. Better yet, these favorites are also available to you through any mobile
  5. Mobile Access. Just because you run your club, does not mean you have to live in your club. With our new Mobile Access feature, you can generate critical reports from any mobile phone or tablet.

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While it’s one thing to tell you about these new club reporting system features, it’s quite another to show them to you. And more importantly – show you how they can help to boost the success of your club.

If you are an existing ABC Financial customer, or are seeking a new health club software option for your club, I encourage you to request a free demo to see these new features first-hand.