Transform Negative Member Habits Into Positive Member Retention

January 25, 2012

Even if your members are committed to losing weight and feeling healthier, they may not realize that other lifestyle habits they engage in could negate the positives they are experiencing at your health club.

Fortunately, you can leverage traditional prospect marketing techniques to reach out to new and current members alike that may be unwittingly engaging in these negative lifestyle habits. Not only will this help you to keep your member retention goals met, you’ll be providing a greater level of consultation to your member base.

Here are some of the less-than-ideal habits your members may have, and some marketing methods you may use to reach out to them:

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  • A sedentary job. The growth of the Information Age is increasing the numbers of jobs exclusively based on the knowledge a worker has, not the physical skills. And, this trend will only continue into the future. While this means fewer physical injuries experienced on the job, it also means less exercise and more expanding waistlines.You could reach the typical office worker with an effective email marketing campaign, especially one promoting new class schedules built around expanded workdays.
  • An inability to sleep soundly. People who sleep less than they need to end up craving more carbohydrates and fats to help them make it through the next day. And oftentimes to relax, these same individuals will turn to the Internet or social media.This is where a blog post shared via social channels to your followers could be an ideal tactic. This tactic could be especially effective if the post were to describe the health benefits of a better night’s sleep – and describe how participating in upcoming classes or events can help them achieve this goal.
  • Pre-exercise snackers. Many people unwittingly give themselves an increased license to snack just prior to exercising. After all, the physical activity they’re about to engage in will make it as if that cupcake never happened, right? Not exactly.Unfortunately, many underestimate how many calories they eat, while underestimating how much they burn off. But this crowd likely already sees the value in exercise and may already be active at your club. Hand out brief flyers and brochures demonstrating the need for more exercise at your classes, and how healthier snacks and monitoring food intake can help them reach their weight loss goals.

Reaching out in more personalized and meaningful ways can help you strike just the right chord needed to help your members feel better about achieving their fitness goals – and your club in achieving its member retention goals.

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