Sell More Personal Training Online

January 26, 2012

By: Bill Murray

Sr. Vice President of Software Development & Support
Want to sell Personal Training and have your members’ book PT sessions online? How would you like your members to be able to enroll in classes online? Do you want to give your members the ability to see their training schedule at home; or buy sessions from anywhere they want without walking in your doors? Finally, would you and your members benefit from the ability to update payment information, purchase childcare, and tanning? Now you can! ABC announces the release of our new MYiCLUBonline with added features allowing you to do all of the above.

ABC Financial’s newly designed MYiCLUBonline can help take your club to the next level. If you are looking for the best way to serve your members’ needs, without them walking in the door, consider all the following upgraded features:

Usability: ABC spent months developing MYiCLUBonline through usability studies and the feedback is unanimous – our new MYiCLUBonline meets the highest design standards, technology, flexibility and ease.

Booking Windows: Do you have special requirements regarding booking and cancelling? No problem, we have booking windows. This allows you to control when members can book AND when they can cancel. You determine what is best for your club.

Selling Packages Online: Buy and Book makes it easy to sell more PT and meet your member’s needs faster. Members can buy and book PT sessions online in one easy transaction. If they have previously purchased sessions, they can book through the online scheduler and purchase more sessions if they run out.

Full Control through Associations: Members can be associated with specific trainers and levels. You can be assured a member cannot purchase training, at a different rate than you currently offer them. Also, you can sell PT online at a different rate than offered in the club?

Trainer Bios: You can control the trainers the members see and what they buy. Only the associated trainer’s bios will be shown to the member as part of the process. Don’t get caught selling lower priced PT because of outdated and old technologies. Even worse do not lose the trust of your members because you sell them one thing online and have to adjust it when they walk into the club.

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Class Management: Your members can manage their complete class schedule online. Additionally, they can see class availability, their favorite instructors, purchase special class sessions and enroll in classes all online.

Account Management: Your members can manage their entire account online. Pay off past due invoices, make future invoice payments, update billing info, see their check in history and much more.

ABC Financial is excited to offer the flexibility of our new MYiCLUBonline. Please call your Account Executive today to have them set up training and get new MYiCLUBonline implemented today!