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Total Collected Monthly Comparison Report

January 1, 2012

By: Ashley Hiatt
Internal Training Department

Have you ever looked at your monthly deposits and thought to yourself, “Why did I receive less this month than I did last month? Surely I haven’t had THAT many members cancel!” There is a report which is often overlooked and will help you identify where the difference is. The report ‘Total Collected Monthly Comparison’ is located on the Billing tab of our Club Reporting System and is available to assist you in determining the reasons for billing differences.

Total Collected Monthly Comparison provides a comparison of the amount collected across multiple months OR multiple clubs. This report can be produced for multiple clubs in a single month or multiple months for a single club. The Total Collected Monthly Comparison report should not be used for reconciliation; the accounts, which paid the same amount across months or clubs, will not be included. This report will only include those accounts, which paid a different amount from one month to the next.

If the comparison option chosen is single club across multiple months: the monthly comparison overview shows what was collected in the previous month, current month and what the differences between those months are. The report lists all categories that have a difference within this time period. New accounts will always appear on this report; if you have a new membership entered in the month of September, it will be a difference from the previous month because that account did not exist for billing in the previous month. This scenario will always reflect a positive difference. Account cancellations will always reflect a negative difference on this report; these accounts were billed last month, but may not be billed in the current month because they are canceling.

If the comparison option chosen is multiple clubs for a single month, you can only view one month’s data at a time. Each club that you select will appear at the top of the report in its own column. This option will allow you to compare each club’s differences without having to run multiple reports. This may be helpful if you have one club that typically bills more than the other, but happened to bill less than usual in a specific month. In this report, you are able to select any hyperlink for additional detail.

Other categories that could cause a difference in month-to-month billing could be transferred memberships, frozen or reinstated from frozen memberships, delinquent accounts and delinquent accounts that have been paid. Members who have paid ahead for future months will also appear on this report. If your facility charges an enhancement/annual fee, you will see this as a separate category on this report as well.

Remember, this often-overlooked report is great for identifying differences in your month-to-month billing or comparing multiple clubs. ABC Financial knows your time is valuable and we have provided this report for your convenience. If you still have questions regarding this report, please contact our Client Services department at 1-888-622-6290 and we will be happy to assist you!