Getting your Prospects into DataTrak

August 30, 2013

By: Bill Murray
Sr. VP of Software Development- ABC Financial

Based on ABC’s valued client feedback, you can now get your prospects into DataTrak easily by using the “Prospect Waiver” feature.  Clubs have been asking for an iPad/tablet solution for prospecting and now, ABC offers it! You can present the Prospect Waiver with terms and conditions, and let them sign with their finger tip. DataTrak will capture the signed document and store it in your “Member Documents”. It’s that easy! If you are using an ABC integration partner, they too can pull your data for follow-up and tracking.

Why use the Prospect Waiver Feature?

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  1. Enhanced Prospect/Member Experience: On a tablet, sign with a finger at any time, and anywhere. All you need is internet access.
  2. Improved Workflow: All your prospects will go directly into DataTrak first and never worry again about tracking in multiple systems.
  3. Accurate Conversion (closing ratios) Numbers: Get prospects in, convert through EAE and track accurate closing percentages.
  4. No More Paper for Prospects: It’s all digital. No more paper.
  5. Tablet/iPad Presentation with a Finger Signature: It’s fast, easy and efficient!
  6. Thank You Email: Prospects are sent “Thank You” confirmation emails sent directly to the email address they signed up with.

This feature will help you complete tours and get prospect data into DataTrak in a flash. Click here to watch this cool video about MYiCLUBonline and the Prospect Feature!

ABC Financial knows your time is valuable and we have provided this feature for your convenience. If you still have questions regarding the Prospect Waiver feature, please contact your ABCAccount Executive.