How to Beat the Summer Slump: Tips for Keeping Your Fitness Club Busy and Profitable

abril 13, 2023

Summer is on the horizon, and while it?s the season of outdoor fun and relaxation, it can also be a challenging time for fitness club owners and managers. With members going on vacation or spending time outside, attendance numbers can dip, making it difficult to keep your business profitable. But fear not, with the right strategies, you can beat the summer slump and keep your fitness club thriving all season long. The weeks leading up to summer are the optimal time to start the preparations. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Plan ahead

Start planning well in advance and be proactive. If you haven?t started yet, start now. Identify the areas of your club that are likely to be affected and come up with a plan. For example, if your group fitness classes have lower attendance during the summer, consider offering a special summer-specific workout program. Alternatively, if your personal training sessions tend to slow down, consider offering a discounted package of sessions specifically for the summer months. Here are some additional ideas for planning ahead:

  • Analyze attendance trends from previous summers and adjust staffing levels accordingly
  • Offer incentives for members to renew their membership before summer begins
  • Create a social media campaign to build excitement for summer programming

Offer summer-specific programming

Think summer. It?s the perfect time to offer seasonal programming. Our market research shows that people engage in outdoor exercise in large numbers, so your best bet is to meet them where they are going to be. Consider offering outdoor activities, water-based workouts, and other activities that are popular during the summer months. For example, you could offer paddleboard yoga classes on a nearby lake or river, or host a series of outdoor running or cycling events. You could also offer aqua fitness classes, which are a fun and refreshing way to exercise in the summer heat.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some suggestions:

  • Sunrise Sweat: Start Your Day with an Energizing Outdoor Workout
  • Rooftop Yoga: Elevate Your Practice and Your View
  • Hike, Bike, and Brews: Scenic Outdoor Workouts and Refreshments
  • Sizzle and Sculpt: High-Intensity Summer Strength Training
  • Sunset Stretch: Wind Down and De-Stress After a Long Day
  • Parkour in the Park: Unleash Your Inner Ninja
  • Summer Shred: Total Body Transformation in 8 Weeks



Host special events

Hosting special events is a great way to keep members engaged and excited about coming to the club. Our research shows that members value a sense of community and belonging, and hosting events is a sure path towards tapping into this. Plan outdoor fitness challenges, social events, and other activities that are unique to the summer season. For example, you could host a beach volleyball tournament, have a party with live music and healthy food, or plan a group hike or bike ride. You could also organize a charity fundraiser event, such as a 5K or a walkathon, to engage your members and give back to the community. Here are some additional ideas for events:

  • Partner with local businesses to co-host events, such as a healthy food truck festival or a wellness fair
  • Invite guest speakers to give talks on relevant topics, such as nutrition or injury prevention
  • Collaborate with a local charity to organize a fundraising event

Communicate with members

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Double down on communication. Make sure to keep members informed about the club?s summer programming, promotions, and events. Use social media, email newsletters, and other communication channels to keep members engaged and excited about coming to the club. Share photos and videos of your summer activities to help build anticipation and generate excitement. For example, you could create a weekly email newsletter highlighting upcoming events, spotlighting member success stories, and providing healthy summer recipe ideas. Here are some additional ideas for communicating more with members:

  • Send personalized emails to members who haven?t attended in a while, offering them a special promotion or incentive to come back
  • Use social media to showcase member success stories and highlight upcoming events and classes
  • Host regular member appreciation events, such as a member appreciation week or a special VIP night

Focus on member retention

During the summer months, it?s important to focus on member retention. Reach out to members who haven?t been to the club in a while and offer them incentives to come back. Make sure that your staff is trained to provide excellent customer service and that members feel valued and appreciated. This will help ensure that your members stay engaged and motivated throughout the summer months and beyond. Additionally, here are some more ways to focus on member retention:

  • Offer referral incentives for members who bring in new members during the summer months
  • Create a loyalty program that rewards members for consistent attendance and participation
  • Implement a ?check-in? system that rewards members for regularly attending classes or using the gym facilities

In conclusion, the summer slump can be a challenge for fitness clubs, but with proper planning and preparation, it can also be an opportunity to create unique and engaging programming for your members. By offering summer-specific programming, hosting special events, communicating with members, and focusing on member retention, you can ensure that your club stays busy and profitable all year round.

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