Create Personalized Member Experiences Through Your Fitness Club App

April 10, 2023

Everyone, including your members, lives on their mobile phone for pretty much everything these days. And we all increasingly expect that our user experiences will be tailored specifically for us. Members want to feel their specific needs will be met by your club, which is why users love a fitness club app that allows them to choose their own adventure — it feels like everything about their membership experience is tailored just for them.

Providing your members with a branded app that allows them to personalize their experience can be a boon for your business—increasing member engagement, retention, and lifetime value.

Let’s look at how taking full advantage of a club branded app can free up staff time, nurture member engagement, and increase member value while serving personalized experiences for their members.

1) Freeing Up Staff Time while Providing Autonomy for Members

Administrative time for your staff can be lessened while offering more personalized experiences for members. Based on their preferences and schedules, members can conveniently view and book classes and appointments, register for group classes or personal training sessions, and purchase session credits —all from the app.

Members can also check-in to the club using a barcode, update their profile and payment information, view their check in history and make payments on any late membership dues without any assistance or trips to your front desk.

2)  Nurturing Member Engagement and Communication

Using a fitness club app increases the opportunities for members to discover, schedule, and check in “on-the-go.” In fact, nearly 50% of members who search for a class end up booking it within the app.

Members are empowered to create their own workout programs, set goals, and monitor habits, and if working with a personal trainer, have easy access to them through an individual chat or within a group chat.

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Not only is the app a great resource for members to manage their fitness journey, but you can engage with them and nurture their experience by sending club news, special offers, and push notifications.

3)  Increasing Lifetime Member Value and Income from Auxiliary Fitness Programs

Creating motivation, accountability, and community can drive engagement and advocacy and increase the lifetime value of each member. But adding convenience can also drive these.

Consider your members’ busy lives and the fact that they choose to spend time in your club. If a member must come to the front desk to make an appointment or purchase sessions or packages, there are opportunities for them to become preoccupied with life and not follow through. Make it easier for them to manage their schedule and purchases within your club branded app. This helps to build brand loyalty with your club and increase the lifetime value of a member.

If you found this blog insightful and would like to learn more about how to enhance your members’ experiences, schedule a demo today.