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Podcast Episode: Paul Schaller – Insights from the CEO of ABC Financial Services

Paul Schaller is the CEO of ABC Financial Services, which he has been a part of for the past 27 years. He is one of the greatest visionaries and connectors in the industry who helped pioneer health club payment processing and club management software for decades. His success comes from continually staying on the frontlines, and genuinely connecting to the pulse of the industry, while building impeccable, long-lasting meaningful relationships with partners and customers.

Paul draws on his years of experience to share his perspective on how the industry has changed over time, and why he continues to remain passionate about serving people in this space. He also provides some insights into the importance of creating great “member experiences” and the key factors that come into play on that front, particularly the connectivity and community aspect. Paul speaks about the trends that are playing out in the fitness industry, what it takes for ABC employees to be able to cultivate raving fans, and his hopes for the future of the industry. Tune in to find out more!

Powerful Quote:

“We have figured out how to provide not only the physical and the exercise value of working out, but also the mental, emotional and social aspect for consumers.” – Paul Schaller

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Paul Schaller talks about where his passion for the industry begin 27 years ago and how he has seen the industry evolve around the people and the expectations that members have today. [9:26] Kelly and Paul discuss the need for the fitness industry to embrace the connectivity. community and social aspect that consumers are demanding. [10:32] Paul goes into what “member experience” means and what steps do club operators need to consider when they think about providing a more meaningful experience for their members.[18:04] Kelly and Paul discuss other trends that are driving the fitness industry today. [22:23] Paul tells us what gives him such contagious hope for what the industry is going to be in the coming years.


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