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Podcast Episode: Joel Tallman and Jeff Carlson — The 4Rs of Success

Joel Tallman is the President and CEO of MUV Brands LLC, and Jeff Carlson is the Managing Partner of MUV Fitness, Washington and Oregon. From three letters on a sticky-note to a multi-directional franchise that is growing by leaps and bounds, MUV has seen some major successes within the fitness space. MUV is also unique in how it has adopted three different concepts within the same brand, and does a great job of considering the success of the operator in the franchise model. Joel and Jeff are both testaments to how hard work can pay off in a major way in the fitness industry, and have some incredible insights to share.

One thing that consistently sets MUV apart is a dedicated focus on member results and building community. Joel and Jeff explains how this philosophy has driven MUV’s growth and success in the fitness space and differentiated it from competitors. They also shed light on the MUV’s business model, the role of automation and technology in taking the business to new heights, and the 4Rs that underlie the core message of the brand. Tune in to find out more.

“Whether you’re five years, or 85-years old, movement is something that we all have in common.” – Joel Tallman

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Joel shares more about the multi-directional franchise concept that he has going on with MUV. [06:10] Joel and Jeff discuss what the business model behind MUV is. Joel explains the three unique concepts that drive the brand. [9:16] Across all of the MUV concepts, there is an incredible focus on member results and building community. Jeff shares his personal philosophy and approach to this as an owner-operator. [12:28] Jeff has adopted a ‘no member left behind’ approach in his fitness challenges. He explains how that has that helped differentiate the brand. [16:59] Results = Retention = Referrals = Revenue. Joel explains what this means and how it ties in with the MUV brand. [20:04] Joel and Jeff share what they see in the future of the fitness industry and the future of the fitness consumer. [22:59] Joel shares how he builds relationships in his high-volume, low-price model. [24:54] Jeff shares how he utilizes technology and automation in the customer life cycle. [28:44] What’s on the horizon for MUV in the next few years?


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