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What is Scary about Owning a Gym – Member Retention – Halloween Edition

October 13, 2017

By: Ali Adcock

As a gym owner, members are one of the key components of a successful gym. Being a new gym owner can be a scary undertaking, especially if you’re new to the fitness industry. Don’t be haunted by the mistakes that could cause you to lose members. Instead, let us provide you with a few tips this fall to engage and retain your members.

As the holidays approach gym members may be thinking more about going trick or treating, having a delicious Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham than going to the gym. It’s the time of the year that members tend to slack off, but we have a plan to keep them consistent in the gym this Halloween and holiday season.

Don’t fear losing members in the slower months, keep them engaged by hosting fun events throughout the month. For example, Halloween is coming up so you could have all group fitness classes dress up in Halloween costumes and award the most creative with a free smoothie, tanning or personal training session. Not only will this encourage members to stay consistent in their workout routine, but they may even want to bring friends along to participate which could result in new members.

What other ways can you make your gym fun and engaging?

17 Templates to Streamline Communication With Your Members in 2024

  • Play “Thriller” and other fun Halloween/upbeat music
  • Have fun with renaming your smoothies during the holiday’s Ex. Witch’s Potion, Goosebumps punch, etc.
  • Create healthy treats for members instead of candy like typical Halloween treats
  • Offer an incentive for members to bring in all their Halloween candy by Nov 1 and offer them a healthy smoothie, protein bar or shake in place of the candy
  • Incorporate games and healthy treats in your kids club
  • Host a Halloween 5k – encourage members to dress in costume
  • Encourage your gym family to trick or treat together and pass out healthier snacks, free one day gym passes, or fun branded gym swag

gym member engagement

By offering numerous games, contests and prizes, members will be more likely to stick with their gym routine instead of slacking off during the fall/winter months. Consistency is key! Do you have other fun ways you retain your members during the holidays? Let us know by sharing your ideas on our social media pages!

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