November 1, 2017


You may not typically think of your hiring process as an opportunity for team building. But involving your team members in the hiring process is the first step in building strong working relationships. In fact, some of today’s top tech firms have adopted a hiring model known as “team-based hiring” or “collaborative hiring.”

The Team Approach to Hiring

In most cases, the team approach to hiring new employees does not remove the role of the hiring manager or take away their final decision. What team based hiring creates is a 360 degree hiring process that allows input from the key people your new candidate will interact with on a regular basis. Companies that implement some type of team-based decision making process expect improved hiring results and increased productivity.

Better hiring results

Simply put, one bad apple can indeed spoil the whole bunch. In a recent Forbes article, it was said that today’s Chief Financial Officers believe the moral and productivity impacts of hiring the wrong person are more detrimental than monetary losses. Ensuring team continuity is a must-have for the well-being of any successful company.

In addition, your current employees are the best representatives of your company culture. Team-based hiring introduces your candidates to the personalities that make up your company and gives hiring managers the opportunity to see how their perspective new hire will fit in.

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Increased productivity

A new employee can typically decide within the first 30 days whether they feel welcome in a new organization. In fact, some even report leaving their new jobs after a disastrous first day. With team-based hiring, team members have had a chance to meet new hires and give input in the hiring process, therefore, they are more likely to accept the new candidate and welcome them into the fold. Allowing team members to get to know candidates and share information during the interview phase also reduces the time new hires typically spend trying to get acquainted with their team.