Use Health Club Software To Wrangle Your Multiple Locations

April 26, 2012

When the herd stays together, it’s the shepherd that gets the credit. But without the fast and faithful dog by his side, out there doing whatever it takes to keep the sheep in line, there’s simply no credit to be had. As such, you can bet that the shepherd looks over every feature of that hound – from how strong it looks to how fast it can run. If you are looking for new software for your multi-location facilities, you could have a far worse example to look up to.

Multi-location health clubs are a bit like a herd of sheep. Without cohesive control, they have the habit of running amok. Fortunately, whether your personal sheep are ‘disparate employees’ or ‘different financial reporting styles,’ the right health club software can serve as that all-important herd wrangler.

If you find yourself in a spot evaluating new software to wrangle your facilities, ask for and insist upon the following features:

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  • Centralized Data – The best health club software is in the cloud, meaning all of your club’s important information is safely stored in a secure, centralized location. In addition, you can access it anytime from anywhere, via the Internet.
  • User Friendly Features – From the front desk to your kids’ club, your new health club software needs to be easy enough for your employees throughout all your locations, whether they focus on member check-ins or employee scheduling. Less chances for software errors means more opportunities for health club profits.
  • Customized Reporting – Every health club location has its own set of operational challenges – just like no two sheep in any herd are exactly alike. Yet you can track individual clubs with customized dashboard reporting, allowing you to stay on top of important details for sales, employees, members, events and inventory.
  • Membership Management – Your members and prospects are busy people, and you want your health club to fit into their lives as a valuable addition not an inconvenience.Here is where health club software can set your club apart. Through a web-based software application, you can enroll new members online and provide access to their accounts, providing them with a virtual connection to their home club.

If you’re seeing cracks in the foundation of your club through inconsistencies across your locations, the right software can put all of them in the same corral for easier management.

No more wandering sheep, no more potentially profit-draining loose ends. Have you got yourself the right wrangler?