Gym Management Software Point of Sale Feature Eases Transactions, Increases Revenue Potential

April 26, 2012

The Point-of-Sale (POS) feature of DataTrak gym management software eases transactions with your new and current members by helping you organize and streamline the way your club receives and manages payments.

The built-in Card on File feature allows your members to make real-time purchases – ranging from dues and class fees, to products and branded merchandise – without having to carry cash or credit cards. By keeping payment options simple and accommodating – either charging an in-house account or deducting from a pre-pay account – member purchases become more convenient, increasing revenue potential.

Items can be selected for purchase in multiple ways – UPC code scan, POS buttons, or search by item lists – and they can also be viewed or returned using a receipt number and an easy-to-use search system. This makes keeping and accessing records simple so your staff can turn around requests quickly and efficiently – saving time and keeping both new and current members happy.

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This system combines with the balance of features built into our DataTrak gym management software to streamline your payment processes and give your staff more time to spend cultivating the new ideas that will bring new members – and new member dues – through your door.

To learn more about how DataTrak gym management software, and how its point of sale feature can help streamline sales and billing, and increase the revenue potential of your club, request a free demo.