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Take Customer Service to the Next Level and Increase Revenue

October 2, 2011


By: Tim Carter

ABC clients are raving about the new Card on File feature in DataTrak, while members appreciate the added convenience. ABC announced this feature in March 2010 at IHRSA. Club owners are seeing their POS transactions increase by as much as 25%, and they appreciate the integration of running their credit card transactions through DataTrak.

Josh Murphy from New York Health and Racquet® had this to say about the Card on File feature:

“The Card on File option provided by DataTrak has taken customer service to the next level. Not only have we seen an increase in sales, the overall appreciation and satisfaction of our members has increased. Now, a member doesn’t have to carry their wallet to the gym to buy a water, to buy training, to renew their locker rental. How many times have you lost a sale because the member did not have their credit card on them and they talked themselves out of it on the way home? Card on File prevents that from happening.”

Health club members today like to limit what they bring in the club, which includes their purses, billfolds, credit cards and cash. I myself have been using this feature and can honestly say that I went from spending absolutely nothing in the club to approximately $5.25 a day. Imagine what your sales would be if 100 or even 1,000 members used this feature every week!

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