Ready to go high-tech with member check-in?

January 3, 2017


Save money and stop fraud with our biometric cardless check-in solution!

It has been estimated that up to 20% of people in a health club are there using someone else’s identity or membership. Most people don’t really consider this a crime.  What’s the big deal?  They are just using the same facility and equipment that everybody else is using so who cares…right?  Actually, they are committing a theft of services otherwise known as fraud.  It is the health club owner who gets cheated…

When you are dealing with so many people, it is important to positively identify each person.  Non-paying people using someone else’s membership card can steal from your members, damage your equipment or injure themselves and others, increasing your liability.  They are also robbing you of rightful membership fees that can add up to thousands of dollars!  The best way to prevent this type of behavior is through the use of finger biometrics.  Our IDlink cardless check-in system uses the same proven biometric fingerprint readers that are used by many of the largest government agencies in the USA, as well as some of the largest health club organizations in our industry.  Your members will be positively identified and checked in within seconds and you will always know who is in your club.

Personal training verification is another important area where positive identification is critical to prevent you from paying personal trainers for training sessions that did not occur.  This type of verification allows the IDlink biometric solution to pay for itself many times over. 

Here are just a few of the many benefits of our cardless check-in solution:

Convenience:  Members don’t have to carry anything with them to workout

Cost Savings:  No more buying key fobs or barcode cards

Time Savings:  No more hassle of dealing with lost or stolen cards

Fraud Prevention:  Only paying members can access your club

Reduced Liability:  Protect your paying members and your equipment

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Proven Technology:  Our fingerprint readers are ranked #1 for accuracy and reliability

Easy Installation:  Plug and play with complete documentation and videos

Total Support:  Turnkey support for hardware and software

Environmentally Friendly: “Green” alternative to plastic cards

WOW Factor:  Customers love the high-tech approach

Add more money to your bottom line and protect your paying members and equipment. 

Now you can try our IDlink solution risk-free for 30 days!  If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the system and receive a full refund.  Contact your ABC Account Manager or Salesperson today for more information or to schedule a demo!