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ABC Financial Unveils Member Services IVR Enhancement


LITTLE ROCK, Ark., (Jan 3, 2017) – ABC Financial Services (ABC), the leading provider of software and payment processing in the Health and Fitness Industry, announced the release of their new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Enhancement.

ABC’s updated IVR system uses speech recognition to gather information from members when they call ABC to make a payment on their accounts.  This allows callers to verbally state their information instead of having to use the telephone key pad to input information; although members may still use their key pad if desired.  The new IVR allows the caller to listen to information about their account, including account status, recent payments, and the next payment due.  It also allows the caller to update their billing information as well as make a one-time time payment with their payment information on file or new payment information. 

One of the benefits of the system is Canadian callers will be able to use the system without having to speak with an agent first.  The system can now understand the alpha-numeric Canadian postal codes which are used to in conjunction with other information to authenticate the caller.

“Our main goal for creating this new system was to improve the customer services experience by streamlining the process that members use to automatically update their billing information and make payments”, stated Jill Dozier, COO of ABC Financial.  “Other goals include upgrading our old technology by providing a new system that is using current technology, adding reporting to allow us to understand where callers are having successes and failures within the application, and combining multiple applications into one,” said Dozier.