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Putting More “Health” Into Health Clubs


By: JT Tompkins
Solajet.comThink about this. Every piece of equipment in most health clubs is designed to break down muscle tissue. What truly promotes tissue recovery? We can’t think of anything either and maybe that is why people are choosing to add massage as a logical part of a complete health and wellness package.Not only does massage feel great, we are constantly discovering just how therapeutic it really is. There are 11 major organ systems of the body and massage can have a profound impact on each system. Massage improves blood flow, relaxes muscles, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves range of motion, soothes pain, increases endorphins, enhances oxygenation and the list is just getting started. Adding massage is really “adding more health to health clubs”.

That is why more health clubs are offering massage therapy as a part of their packages. As this trend continues, so does the awareness of massages challenges and limitations. The top 2 issues clubs experience most with providing massage services are:

1. The cost (to both clubs and members).

2. The staffing issues involved with scheduling clients and massage therapists.

These are certainly considerations for traditional massage but now, many are finding complimentary or alternative solutions such as the new and emerging category known as dry-hydrotherapy.

One report found 8 out of 10 individuals consider dry-hydrotherapy sessions similar to a hands-on massage yet with up to a 30% wider potential audience due to the touch-less nature of these devices and the fact they deliver 3 therapies in one convenient session. Dry-hydrotherapy uses a self contained water system to provide:

1. Massage Therapy – Deep tissue massage to increase circulation, relax muscles and relieve stress.

2. Heat Therapy with penetrating analgesic heat to soothe tension and pain.

3. Flushing (Wave) Therapy that delivers a full body sweeping motion to help remove toxins and flush lactic acid.

Dry-hydrotherapy eliminates the irritation of rigid mechanical devices as water has powerful strength yet gentle conforming pressure that isolates muscle while avoiding bone and connective tissue.

What about the cost? Clubs can offer session for approximately 1/10th the cost of a massage therapist. Combine that with the elimination of staffing issues and you can see why more and more clubs are adding these systems. Call a club that offers dry-hydrotherapy and most likely you will find it really helps them with recruiting new members and is a hit with existing clientele. One club has found their closing rate for new members almost doubles when offering a trial massage session at the end of the facility tour.

Perhaps best of all, the units normally pay for themselves quickly and produce immediate revenues when promoted as a package. That is why they are growing in popularity and most likely will be coming soon to a club near you. One of the latest systems gaining popularity is the SolaJet® DRYWAVE® Massage System which delivers impressive performance with a good value and comes with a money back guarantee and one of the best warranties in the industry ( If you are considering how to add more members or to help improve your current retention rate, you may want to consider “adding more health to your health club”.