IGNITE Insights – Check-In Analysis and Class Utilization Reports

October 24, 2022

IGNITE Insights | Check-In Analysis and Class Utilization Reports

Whether it is a small or a large facility, running and growing a club can get challenging when your decisions are not backed by data-driven initiatives.

Part of ABC IGNITE, Insights Analyze offers more than 35 ready-to-use dashboards, reports, and ad-hoc reporting options that address your data needs. Let’s dive in more on two dashboards that will help you review your member check-ins and class utilization.

Analyzing the Data from Your Gym Check-In System

The “Check-In Analysis” dashboard is a great resource to review club check-ins. With the Check-In Analysis dashboard, you can see your club’s occupancy, manage and improve class schedules, and plan your staff schedule to better accommodate members at all times. The dashboard shows:

  • Club check-ins, including by age, gender and membership type
  • Percentage of active members checked in
  • Class participation
  • Member check-in trends
  • Check-ins by hour

Using Class Utilization to Inform Decisions

gym check in system dashboard

Beyond your gym check-in system, the “Class Utilization” report helps to manage existing class schedules and make informed decisions for future classes based on participation. You can find:

    • Total number of attendees
    • Class utilization percentage
    • Numbers and percentage of members participating
    • First time members attending

There is an advanced filter option allowing you to dive in deeper to a specific class, membership type, gender, campaign, and more. All this data and accompanying analyses are in Insights Analyze — easily find real-time data in one location!

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The Importance of Data

Data is a dynamic resource, and it must be kept fresh to make educated decisions and take any necessary actions.

Based on Forrester’s research in 2022, firms with advanced insights-driven business (IDB) capabilities, continue to outpace their competition and deliver better growth than less mature firms, up to 20% in some cases.

When decisions are backed by reliable data, it is easier to create the best possible experience for members, leading to better outcomes for your business.

Let us help you use the power of data-driven decisions to boost your club’s performance and provide the best service to your members.

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