How to Manage Your Gym and Members After Hurricane Harvey and Irma

September 13, 2017

By: Ali Adcock

Many gyms in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico are facing substantial damage due to the powerful hurricanes Harvey and Irma that have hit over a two week period. This may have many gym owners thinking what do you do after such devastation? How do you manage your club and your members during this time? We have over 150 health clubs affected by these hurricanes and we are here to support each and every one through this difficult time. Let us provide a few steps you can take to weather the storms.

Disaster Recovery

It’s a process you put in place hoping to never use, however, many may find themselves taking advantage of in a time like this. With ABC’s club management software you can rest assured during this time that you won’t lose all of your clubs data. You can learn more about this process in our ABC Disaster Recovery Plan blog.

Email & Notifications

If you didn’t sustain the worst damage and still have power and access to the Internet you can keep your staff and members up to date on club closings, change of hours, delayed openings, etc., through email, push notifications via mobile app, and even by voicemail. Email blasts can be sent out through DataTrak or our ABC printing partner, Members Today. If you have an app for your club you can set up push notifications with information about cancelled classes, trainings, and other club news. It’s also a good idea set your club’s voicemail up with information pertaining to closings, as well as posting signs on the doors and on your social media sites. For help setting up any emails or push notifications, please contact your dedicated Account Executive.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our clubs and members affected by these storms. For other questions or concerns and how we can help visit our contact page to reach us.

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