How to Keep Your Club Management Software Secure

October 6, 2017

By: Ali Adcock

Security is extremely important when you handle large amounts of personal data for your members. Unfortunately, security breaches have become all too familiar for large companies in recent years. Choosing the right club management software that is PCI compliant will ensure your members’ data is always secure.

You’re probably wondering what features and benefits your club management software should have when it comes to security. Keeping your software secure should include a technology-based perimeter and internal defense to block high risk traffic and programs while giving you the ability to approve or deny access to the network. It’s like having a lock on your front door and you can decide who you want to let in.

Another feature you should have is threat intelligence safeguards against zero-day threats. This will allow you the ability to easily recognize fraudulent credentials and deny access to those who wish to harm you. You wouldn’t open the door to a stranger without checking through your peephole first to see who it is, right?

Vulnerability management addresses ongoing identified threats by continuously checking for weaknesses in security and corrects them before you are at risk of a breach. It’s like checking to make sure all your windows and doors are locked before you go to bed. You wouldn’t want to leave them open to allow anyone in.

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Encryption and access controls are other great security features you need that provide an extra internal safeguard to protect your data from attackers. These controls serve the same purpose as having an extra safe in your home, so just in case an intruder gets in your home they can’t take your valuables as they’re extra secure in your safe.

Lastly, your club management software should partner with an independent third-party to perform assessments that ensure controls are effective. A third-party tests security layers and offers suggestions on how to improve the software, which is basically like your neighborhood watch program. You always want and need others to look out for you.

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