How Health Club Software Can Release You From The Delinquency Doldrums

March 26, 2012

Seems like it was only yesterday that health clubs across the country were filled with eager fitness enthusiasts ready to get their healthy lifestyle grooves on. Yet as is the way of the health club business, March arrives with its drop outs and worse yet, dues skippers.

But you can’t blame delinquencies on March. Industry stats show that 10-15% of active members across the board will have payment problems throughout the year, regardless of well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions. So like it or not, every health club manager has to fight the delinquency doldrums.

The trials of keeping members’ bill paying up-to-date are unequivocal energy and time drags. Yet the clubs that have the right kind of health club software are better equipped to handle the spate of member delinquencies, allowing them to invest their saved time back into member recruitment and retention programs where it belongs.

Check out these 6 areas where health club software can put your club on the current payment track:

  1. Member Forgetfulness – Busy lifestyles mean missed deadlines. Friendly reminders can keep payments on track.
  2. Closed Checking Accounts – Staying current with new checking accounts can eradicate overdue fees.
  3. Customers Changing Banks – Updated banking information allows for seamless bill paying transitions.
  4. Expired Credit Or Debit Cards – A quick alert to members will keep their accounts in good standing. A quick alert of the ABC and MasterCard/Visa automatic updater program will help keep member’s accounts in good standing.
  5. Insufficient Funds For Bank Drafts – Careful monitoring of insufficient funds will keep your knowledge of your members’ payment history current – even if they aren’t.
  6. Account Holds Due To Unusual Activity – Flagged accounts can get quick attention for faster member feedback.

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The key to managing such delinquency causes is automation. Regular updates can pinpoint potential problem accounts and daily automated billing and re-attempts keep dues payment top of mind for customers.

In addition, the best health club software is updated whenever new technology becomes available. Just as importantly, software maintains data security.

Proven and effective software can help clubs maintain and grow membership, while keeping data safe and secure. To make the best choice in health club software, look for a company that understands the industry, has extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes, and is capable of addressing delinquency issues.

For more information on how health club software can boost your business efforts by reducing delinquencies, contact ABC Financial to request a demo.