4 Health Club Software Member Retention Tips

February 26, 2012

While you still may be in the health club nirvana of New Year’s resolutions and all the new members they’ve brought to your club, the challenge in the coming months will be how to keep all those enthusiastic new members – a task that can be easy to manage with health club software.

Of course, your collection of engaging fitness classes, top-quality equipment and trainers and multiple special events are powerful membership retention tools as well but by using the detailed information about your members from your database, you can find unique ways to appeal to their unique interests and get them more deeply engaged with your club.

Try these 4 ways to retain members with health club software:

1. Use new member profiles to understand their club habits. Do your new members plan to be regular users? Will they come in the morning rather than at night? By asking a host of behavior questions, you can not only see how the majority of your members plan to use your club, you can learn to tailor classes and events to keep them coming consistently.

You can also help them build an online profile on your website with a tool such as MYiCLUBonline that will give them access to their accounts and help them manage their classes, appointments and review their check-in and purchase history.

2. Track real-time, real life behavior. Your newest member says she’s a committed yoga enthusiast who comes to classes 5 days a week but from looking at her member check-in history, you see she really only visits once every other Tuesday.

Now you can create a unique message for such members reminding them of all the great classes they can enjoy. And if you have multiple locations in one city, share the various alternative times and clubs they can visit to keep their yoga habits active as well as the pro shops where they can find the perfect yoga apparel.

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3. Leverage kids club. No doubt dozens of young moms have been looking to ramp up their fitness routines and they’ve decided on your club as the ideal place.

Your health club software can monitor how often they brought their youngsters to your kids’ club facility and give you an idea of what value added programs you can include to make their children’s visits more enjoyable, too.

For example, your club can offer special birthday party packages to the under 5 set, tapping into the large group of preschool aged tots who come to kids’ club each week.

4. Build custom reports to track area performance. You’ve got what you think is a high-performing tennis program but you’re lacking juniors in the afternoon sessions. By creating a customized report following your tennis program performance, you can find areas that need a participation boost. Then you can create special promotions and packages to build new buzz around those junior programs, reignite excitement and increase sign-ups.

Not only can your health club software give you a stronger connection to your members, it can streamline your daily operations, giving you more time to create the unique programming that sets your health club apart.