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Fitness Club Software Provider ABC Financial Says: A Well Trained Staff = Happy Members!


By: Shauna Reinhold
Client Management“I have a charge on my bill and I have no idea who you guys are.”

This phrase is the one heard most often by our customer care reps here at fitness club software provider, ABC Financial. Every day they get calls from members who are completely clueless as to who ABC is and how we are involved in your business. Many members feel taken advantage of, confused and stressed out because of “random” charges popping up on their bill from a company in Arkansas they’ve never even heard of. Once they’re informed that we do the billing for their memberships, 99% of the time they respond with – “Well why didn’t my gym just tell me that?”

Let’s face it, most new members don’t read their agreement in its entirety before signing it, and especially not the fine print. There are many factors that contribute to this: There’s just too much text and fine print, they’re in a hurry, your front desk staff is busy, etc. So simply placing a one-liner on the agreement isn’t enough. People remember information best two ways, audibly or visually, and usually both. If you have a staff member point to the text and tell a new member face-to-face: “Now don’t forget, your bill won’t say “The World’s Best Gym”, it will say ABC Financial,” then they are far more likely to remember than if they simply sign a contract and start their workout.

In the long run, properly informing members upfront will lead to less questions and a better member experience. The less surprises a member receives, the happier the member is!