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Core Fitness Online – Prospect and Member Management

June 29, 2011


Core Fitness Online (Core) focuses on revenue production, increased sales, extending membership life cycles and increasing ancillary sales. Core is a web based software application with two-way real time interface with ABC. With Core and ABC an owner can “feel” the business pulse of the club.

As an owner – even with a great sales day have you wondered “What if the clubs’ sales staff could have closed two more members today?” After that great sales day how often has there been a “let down” over the next few days? Ever see an “off” day or week with the sales staff?

Core Fitness Online improves a club’s revenue by channeling the sales staff to convert more of the current leads into members. With Core no club will ever lose a lead though a paper loss again.

Core Fitness Online has four key components – SaleMaster, KIT (Keep in Touch), Eblast/Newsletters, and Surveys. Core is not just a fantastic sales tool; it is a membership life cycle tool. Core is the only software application which combines all four of these critical modules into one application that interfaces directly with ABC and other key industry programs. With Core you have one integrated system with a single point of entry. Core is quick and easy to learn by the staff with entry forms that are like the current paper forms used by most clubs. Core allows staff to work smarter – not harder.

Is the club reaching out to members and keeping them engaged and active? Does the club have a feeling of community?

Core Fitness Online excels at keeping the club top of mind with prospects and members alike. Core Fitness Online keeps current members engaged in the club activities increasing sales in everything from more PT sessions to supplements. Active and satisfied members extend their membership life cycle.

Does someone in the club spend an hour or more weekly building spreadsheet for business management information? Could that time be better spent doing something for the club?

With Core business information can be found in real-time with the “Guest Log” which just like the paper log kept in most clubs shows in real-time everything such as appointments, No-shows and sales. Core can compile business information from sales to member activity and deliver that information to an inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Core can even encourage members with declined credit cards to update their membership information.

Core Fitness Online clubs will see increased revenue with more new members from the current lead pool, engage current members and increase ancillary sales and benefit from the increased revenue of longer memberships.

For more information about Core Fitness, contact Professional Services at 1-866-992-8960 or email professionalservices@abcfinancial.com.