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Gym Management Software Reduces Admin Work


Eric Buckner opened the doors to 10 Fitness in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2006, and since then, 10 Fitness has expanded to eleven locations throughout Central Arkansas.10 Fitness offers its members traditional fitness equipment, personal training, and group fitness classes such as Zumba, Boot Camp, BodyPump, Yoga, and Insanity. 10 Fitness even has a “Kids’ Club” for its members with small children. As evidence of their tremendous growth and service delivery, 10 Fitness was voted the “Best Athletic Club” by the Arkansas Times.

Despite this excellent growth, however, 10 Fitness experienced many back-office challenges along the way.


The biggest challenge that 10 Fitness faced was specifically centered around the collection of membership dues. Billing and collecting can be a tedious process even for a single club, but with 10 Fitness expanding to eleven locations, the financial burden caused by inefficient billing collections was significant.

Unfortunately, 10 Fitness used multiple vendors for their core member management system which resulted in a fragmented and ineffective infrastructure. These systems inefficiencies required significant manual back-end work, ultimately taking resources that could be spent on improving member delight, and allocating them toward tedious tasks.

To summarize, 10 Fitness suffered from the following:

  • Inefficient billing and collections systems which negatively impact cash flow and key club financials
  • Multiple vendors for various core services like gym software, payment processing, and key tags
  • Significant manual back end work with no process automation for core services like reporting or employee management

The Results

10 Fitness partnered with ABC Fitness Solutions to combat the aforementioned challenges and improve core internal business operations so the 10 Fitness staff could focus on member service delivery. ABC provided gym management software and payment processing services to help streamline 10 Fitness’ core business operations. 10 Fitness was able to call on ABC Fitness for the following solutions:

  • Streamlined payment processing automation for seamless, automated billing and collections
  • Personalized reports on gym financials, membership, and sales which help the CEO better manage the eleven clubs
  • Administrative tasks automation such as employee scheduling, member check-in, and employee clock-in, which helps the team focus more on member satisfaction and less on admin tasks

“ABC has helped me grow my business by providing tools and solutions to the everyday issues that we encounter. They [ABC] have also been incredible in helping me to network with industry leaders to pick up best practices and stay ahead of trends.” Eric Buckner, 10 Fitness, Chief Executive Officer

With ABC Fitness Solutions, 10 Fitness is able to focus on what they truly care about – helping their members achieve their fitness goals, while ABC ensures the back end business operations function at a best in class level. Want to learn how your club can experience similar results? Request a free demo of ABC Fitness’ gym management software, DataTrak, here.