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Accelerated Services Are Here

January 1, 2012

We have all had new and existing members who want to participate in your personal training program, but need more flexibility when it comes to paying for sessions. Whether it is buying a package of sessions, a set amount of sessions per month and paying a monthly recurring charge or paying a down payment up front and spreading the remaining balance over a few months, the key for members is flexibility!

If that scenario sounds familiar, ABC’s Accelerated Services is perfect for your club. This new, enhanced DataTrak feature allows you the flexibility to sell PT and small group sessions and specialty group exercise classes however the client requests. Finally, members can purchase packages, recurring services and accelerated payment plans all through one system, DataTrak.

The added features of ABC’s Accelerated Services allow members to purchase a block of sessions or classes and make an initial down payment and split the package over several months. Additionally, clients can purchase sessions that can be used all at once or over time. This option is helpful to members who would rather purchase a defined number of sessions to use over a period of time with variable recurring monthly charges. The member will also have the ability to pay off their remaining balance early without penalty. Just like ABC’s current Recurring Services, if the member misses a payment and the invoice goes past due, all remaining sessions will be placed on hold until the member becomes current.

Accelerated Services is customizable based on the club’s wants and needs. It allows the club full flexibility as you build your various training plans. If you need to add discounts through recurring services, you can now do that! Additionally, the reporting capabilities have been expanded to include more information and options to build the reports you need. Lastly, the user experience is improved making it easier for managers and trainers to utilize Accelerated Services to grow a critical revenue stream for your clubs.

Please contact your Account Executive today to find out more about ABC’s Accelerated Services solution!