ABC Financial and VFP Announce Vendor Relationship

November 23, 2017

ABC Financial (ABC), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, announced their preferred partnership with Visual Fitness Planner.

Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) evaluates and integrates a club’s current manual system to provide the ultimate sales engine. They utilize sales analytics to increase sales and predict future trends. Their system will assess interactions during the entire sales process and will deliver feedback on the club’s critical KPIs.

“Integrating with Visual Fitness Planner was a natural choice for ABC”, stated Kelly Card, SVP of Partner Relations of ABC Financial. “While ABC helps manage memberships, VFP helps streamline and perfect the selling process that gets them in the door.”

“It is nice to formalize the partnership between ABC and VFP. We have such similar company cultures – putting the customer first and doing the right thing – that it was a natural fit,” stated Daron Allen, President and CEO of VFP. “The two companies have always worked well together supporting customers, integrating technology, and promoting the financial success of our club owners. Now, with this formal agreement, VFP will become an even bigger value for ABC customers.”

Visual Fitness Planner’s (VFP) combination of sales consulting and technology has proven to sell more health club memberships and personal training than any other system in the industry. They create customized sales systems that enable health clubs to identify, modify, and adapt sales processes utilizing their exclusive Sales Analytics Dashboard. VFP’s suite of technology modules transforms sales systems.

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About VFP

The Visual Fitness Planner is the number one sales presentation tool in health clubs today. With over 1200 clubs and 16 years of experience, they have built the best sales systems in the industry. They have a passion for creating better business systems for our customers. Their team of former health club owners and managers have over 150 years of in-club experience. It is the in-club experience that helped them realize that it is the sales systems that set apart the poorly operating clubs from the great clubs.

About ABC Financial

Launched in 1981, ABC Financial has revolutionized software and payment processing for the health and fitness industry.Headquartered in the Little Rock, Ark. area, ABC Financial serves approximately 6,700 clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Europe. The company’s innovative club management software, DataTrak, is the most complete web-based software in the health and fitness industry. Text DataTrak to 87365 to receive additional information about ABC Financial’s club management software.