ABC Financial and 64 Labs Announce Vendor Relationship

December 4, 2017

ABC Financial (ABC), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, announced their preferred partnership with 64 Labs.


64 Labs helps businesses connect with customers on every device from smart phones, to tablets, to desktop. Their services can help solve a broad range of “out-of-the-box” software customization problems and allows the client to focus on running their business. 64 Labs strives to understand their clients so they can help implement the best technology choice to solve mobile, tablet and desktop challenges.


64 labs is thorough in their research to best understand how to best serve their client,” stated Kelly Card, SVP of Partner Relations for ABC Financial. “Their philosophy is to listen to and understand their clients fully so they may help implement the appropriate personalized solution and fully support their platforms indefinitely.“


Change on the web is rapid and relentless. 64 Labs views their client partnerships as ever evolving and they are constantly looking for way to improve. They understand continued testing, optimization and ensuring each webpage is responsive are just the basics to ensuring the client gets the most out of their web traffic.


About 64 Labs

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64labs leverages industry leading software and infrastructure partners to deliver the right web solutions for their clients. Delivering these solutions require them to use flexible, scalable and dependable solutions.


About ABC Financial

Launched in 1981, ABC Financial has revolutionized software and payment processing for the health and fitness industry.Headquartered in the Little Rock, Ark. area, ABC Financial serves approximately 8,000 clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Europe. The company’s innovative club management software, DataTrak, is the most complete web-based software in the health and fitness industry. DataTrak to 87365 to receive additional information about ABC Financial’s club management software.