Event Commission Groups

June 27, 2013

By: Ken Davis
Training Manager

ABC Financial is excited to offer Event Commission Groups as a new feature in our DataTrak System. This feature was included in release 2.53.0 on May 29, 2013 and is available for all of our DataTrak clients. Event commission groups allow you to gather multiple events together and set default commission values for each event within the group. These groups can then be deployed to one or more employees in a few easy steps.
The Event Commission Groups page can be found by clicking Setup and then looking under the Settings column.

Event Commission Groups page

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When you deploy an event commission group to an employee, DataTrak will add or update the event commission information for that employee. You can still manually set event commissions for an employee as needed, however, changes that you make on the employee’s Scheduling Options page do not affect the default values within the event commission group. To change those default values, you must edit the event commission group and then redeploy it to the desired employees.
When managing event commission groups, please keep in mind that event commissions are set at the Company level. You can set default commission values for each active training level.

default commission values

ABC Financial knows your time is valuable and we have provided this feature for your convenience. If you still have questions regarding Event Commission Groups, please contact our Technical Support department at 1-877-222-5767 and we will be happy to assist you!