ABC Fitness Solutions Helps Redefine In-Club and On-Demand Digital Member Services with the Launch of ABC+


The Next Big-Box Gym Consumer

In this webinar, we bring together fitness leaders to discuss the key findings from the second release which examines the shift in trends and motivations for the next big-box gym consumer post-pandemic.

Using Technology to Design Personal Training Programs

The third and final part of our webinar series focuses on optimizing your technology to create personal training programming that improves the member experience and your overall business objectives.

Profitable and Engaging Personal Training Program Design

In this webinar, we’ve brought together thought leaders from across the fitness industry to give you best practices for personal training program design.

Talent Acquisition to Create Profitable, Resilient Personal Training Programs

Join a panel of fitness industry leaders in the first installment of our 3-part webinar series where we discuss how to recruit and hire the best possible personal training talent, as part of your overall rebuilding of personal training as a profit center at your club.

The Ripple Effect of a Member-Centric Approach

Member centricity is not a single act or service. It is an intention or result driven by your business strategy, technology and brand. See ABC Fitness Solutions and Matt Bohn, Vice President of Operations for Club Fitness, to learn how Matt and team used 2020 to rethink their business and grow personal training revenue by 25%.

Be the Option Members Always Choose

Are you ready to increase lifetime value at your club through proactive member engagement? Our experienced leadership panel will be discussing how to create brand loyalty and stickiness. It’s never too late to put strong engagement practices into play that increase the average length of membership and reduce churn.

Product Tour: GymSales Fitness CRM

This demo of our GymSales fitness CRM software was filmed live with gym owners and club operators in an interactive session.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn how to better manage your gym leads to attract, retain, and engage members.


Introducing Performance Insights

The fitness market is evolving, but on average, clubs are still spending 1.5 hours per day on up to 9 different applications to make sense of their data.

In this webinar, see how Performance Insights takes your gym reporting and data analytics to the next level.

Digital Member Engagement at Scale

Clubs and gyms need to consider how to leverage technology to expand beyond traditional programs to create new and resilient revenue. As members seek more holistic and personalized experiences, digital member engagement will be an important driver of loyalty and revenue.

Leading the Way: Delivering the Total Fitness Experience

As members seek a more holistic and personalized experience, clubs will need to embrace a growth mindset and think about how to bring capabilities and technology together to create a total fitness experience through member centricity and hybridization.

Two Quick Hits to Convert More Members

Join our Global Director for GymSales, Brian Ameluxen, and Product Director, Priyanka Kalia, in this quick, 7-minute webinar to learn how to make an impact within 30 days by turning interest into membership (and upsells).

Marketing Your Club for Long-term Success

You have a budget, you have initial data points, and you have goals to meet. What’s your game plan? In this webinar, we’ll cover where to start and how to put your plans into action to build a long-term marketing strategy.

7 Sales and Marketing Strategies to Create Your Own Rush

With fewer walk-ins and face-to-face sales and marketing opportunities, clubs will need to be sales and marketing savvy to meet the gap in January rush numbers.

Join us with guest speaker, Blair McHaney from MXM, and learn how to create your own membership rush.

Jump-start Your Virtual Strategy for the Second Wave

Learn how to implement a virtual strategy with real-world examples from fitness leaders to help you stay connected with members and engaged with prospects no matter what 2021 has in store.

How Technology Can Be Your Secret Weapon to Boost Your Business

As club owners and operators are looking for opportunities to preserve cash and get the most from their current investments, this webinar presents 10 practical ways to embrace digital and technology to prepare for what possibly could be the biggest new year rush.

The New ABC and the Next Level of Fitness

ABC Financial is now ABC Fitness Solutions, watch now and discover how ABC is enabling the next level of fitness with new innovations.

Drive a Total Fitness Experience with Trainerize

Immediately become part of your members’ daily fitness routines and build a lasting connections with your members with Trainerize X ABC.

Reinventing the Fitness Value Chain

From the IHRSA Innovation Summit, learn how to find your competitive advantage in the new fitness value chain by creating a total fitness experience.

Win Faster with GymSales Powered by ABC

Create a winning selling system for new members and see how you can increase your sales by 20% in this webinar.

Let’s Open Doors with ABC Door Access

Learn how you can ditch key fobs and instead utilize members’ phones to grant access from anywhere (even when the internet is down!).

DataTrak Reporting

The DataTrak Reporting webinar primarily focuses on the types of reports found in DataTrak. This webinar will also cover the following:

  • What are Reports?
  • How to Run Reports
  • How to Edit Reports
  • Creating Automated Reports
  • Managing Report Security

Every Tues 3:00pm CST – Register for Webinar
Every Thurs 10:00am CST – Register for Webinar

DataTrak Recurring Services Module

This webinar discusses the functionality behind using ABC’s Recurring Services module. Key topics include:

  • Defining and Creating Recurring Services
  • Creating and Managing Club Account Privileges
  • Selling a Recurring Service to Members
  • Club Account Billing
  • Managing a Member’s Recurring Service

Every Tues 10:00am CST – Register for Webinar
Every Thurs 3:00pm CST – Register for Webinar

Getting Started with DataTrak

This webinar features a high level overview of the most utilized modules in DataTrak. At the end of this webinar, you should be able to perform all of the following:

  • Logging into DataTrak
  • Basic Navigation
  • Checking Members In
  • Managing Member’s Accounts
  • Point of Sale

Every Tues 8:30am CST – Register for Webinar
Every Thurs 1:30pm CST – Register for Webinar

Using the DataTrak Scheduler (Calendar) Module

This webinar covers the basics regarding using the Calendar in DataTrak. Areas covered:

  • Basic Calendar Navigation
  • Creating a Service
  • Creating Events
  • Adding Employees to the Calendar
  • Employee Tracking

Every Tues 1:30pm CST – Register for Webinar
Every Thurs 8:30am CST – Register for Webinar