Use Holiday Slow Downs To Get Your Health Club Management Plan Battle Ready

novembro 1, 2012

Can you hear it? It?s the soon to be rush of new and re-inspired members crowding through your health club doors.

The profit boosting new year?s season is just around the corner and in order to be completely prepared, now?s the perfect time to take advantage of traditional holiday attendance slow-downs to ramp up your health club management battle plans.

Every year the cycles of health club activity seem to follow the same patterns. Thanksgiving brings loads of calories and a sabotaging spirit to peoples? fitness routines. With the shorter days, added parties and carb-loaded meals, your members are more likely to read fitness magazines on the couch than they are to fill your spinning classes.

So consider this holiday slow-down an opportunity to prepare. Follow these 10 tips to make sure your health club is ready for the wave of activity just weeks away:

  1. 1. Organize your new year?s health club management strategy. Establish clear 2013 goals for department managers.
  2. 2. Prepare your front line reception employees on the health club software processes for member check ins and give them strategies for dealing with high traffic volume challenges.
  3. 3. Get your equipment in order. Clean and service fitness machines.
  4. 4. Have fans and cleaning equipment ready to keep health club entrances clean and grime free.
  5. 5. Build your reserves. Stock your pro-shop with winter friendly outdoor fitness gear.
  6. 6. Revamp your billing services to include electronic funds transfer (EFT) capabilities.
  7. 7. Have your personal training staff develop health club challenges and welcome-to-fitness packages to launch on January 1.
  8. 8. Consider adding a web-based gym software application to encourage more member engagement with your club.
  9. 9. Incorporate electronic membership and personal training agreements for higher efficiency.
  10. 10. Organize the troops. Review first aid and emergency procedures with employees.

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Health club management can really be equated to battlefield supervision. You?re dealing with dynamic scenarios where hundreds of customers are engaging with your club and placing a wide variety of demands upon your staff and systems. And like achieving success on that battlefield, your level of preparedness will directly affect your ability to enjoy great results in the year to come.

Is your health club ready for the 2013 push? Request a health club software demo to learn how you can streamline your operations and boost your bottom line.