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ABC Trainerize Partners with WRKOUT to Empower Personal Trainers to Monetize Product Recommendations   

February 23, 2024

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, February 23, 2024 – ABC Fitness, the #1 tech provider for fitness businesses everywhere, is proud to announce the launch of TZ Storefront, a new partnership between ABC Trainerize and WRKOUT that empowers coaches and fitness professionals to support their clients’ wellness goals while launching a passive income stream through product recommendations. 

TZ Storefront powered by WRKOUT marks yet another avenue through which ABC Trainerize, an award-winning ABC Fitness platform focused on helping personal trainers and coaches digitize their services, enables fitness professionals to leverage their expertise and scale their businesses. Trainers can now earn significant cash rewards when they recommend products, amplifying their business profits. Meanwhile, clients can shop the recommendations with peace of mind, knowing the products—such as supplements, fitness equipment, and apparel—are coming from a trusted source. With this innovation, ABC Fitness has added another tool to their ecosystem for trainers that supports the larger industry and builds another point of connection between coaches and their clients.

“ABC Trainerize supports coaches’ business growth, both through our personal training software and through powerful programs like this one. Trainers are helpers by nature and already recommend products to their clients. With our partnership with WRKOUT, we are enabling them to monetize that expertise as an additional revenue stream. Trainers will now be compensated for their product knowledge, at no cost to their clients and with no fees themselves—empowering them to provide better service to their clients and increase their impact and revenue,” says Sharad Mohan, Platform President for ABC Trainerize at ABC Fitness.  

With TZ Storefront powered by WRKOUT, coaches can recommend the products they know, love, and trust from an ever-expanding catalog of industry-leading brands and earn cash rewards on every purchase—enabling personal trainers to build a powerful passive income stream within their fitness business. While platforms of this type are sometimes reserved for influencers or require large social media audiences, TZ Storefront is open to all fitness professionals—democratizing this valuable revenue stream across the fitness industry.  

“This partnership is a true win-win for wellness professionals and their clients. Coaches can unlock a new way to support their clients in their wellness journeys while also unlocking a passive income stream. This allows clients to get advice from a trusted source on the products that align with their unique goals and needs, and then purchase them directly from best-in-class brands. Over 40 top brands and thousands of products are available in WRKOUT with more hitting the app nearly every week, broadening the opportunities for coaches to support their clients and earn rewards,” says WRKOUT Founder and CEO Curtis Christopherson. 

TZ Storefront is now available to Trainerize Payments subscribers across the United States and Canada. Coaches can now share their knowledge and expertise through powerful, personalized recommendations and launch a new passive income stream with no application, no contract, and no fees—just client results and cash rewards. 

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