ABC Fitness Enhances Member Experiences In-and-Out of The Gym Through A Powerful Integration of ABC GLOFOX and ABC TRAINERIZE Platforms -

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ABC Fitness Enhances Member Experiences In-and-Out of The Gym Through A Powerful Integration of ABC GLOFOX and ABC TRAINERIZE Platforms

May 2, 2023

LITTLE ROCK, AR – (April 25, 2022). In March, during IHRSA 2023, ABC Fitness announced its commitment to deliver innovative technology solutions to various segments of the fitness industry through distinct yet integrated and complementary platforms – ABC IGNITE, ABC GLOFOX, ABC EVO, and ABC TRAINERIZE. Today, it is excited to announce that ABC GLOFOX and ABC TRAINERIZE have launched an integration that will better serve fitness studios and gyms, allowing them to provide deeper member training experiences, advanced digital coaching and hybrid memberships. It also provides powerful tools to better manage their business, expand member yield and increase revenue.

Today’s ever-changing fitness environment brings new operating challenges but exciting opportunities to expand services to meet evolving consumer demands. Post-pandemic, consumers have learned they can workout how, where and when they want, and they like it! This ABC TRAINERIZE/GLOFOX integration empowers boutique studios and gyms to expand their services to meet this growing demand and drive revenue by enhancing member experiences through digital coaching, nutritional advice, and advanced and varied PT workouts. It does this while at the same time providing the tools to help grow their business.

The integration brings together the expertise and best-in-class technology of both platforms. ABC TRAINERIZE provides ultimate member experiences with digital memberships combining fitness, nutrition, and habits coaching, and ABC GLOFOX provides advanced booking, studio management, and sales and marketing tools to better manage every aspect of running a thriving business.

ABC GLOFOX customers can now offer a variety of memberships and digital offerings that drive revenue by delivering personal training and coaching seamlessly with online, hybrid, or in-person options. It also allows its customers to create additional offerings and revenue streams such as premium tier memberships, only digital memberships, and virtual 1-1 coaching. Some of the features include:

  • Tailored Coaching Programs – Offer personal training programs combining fitness, nutrition, and habit guidance customized to members’ goals.
  • Access To On Demand Workouts Offer a library of tailored video content and on-demand workouts that members can access any time, at home on demand.
  • Client Progress Check-ins: Trainers can engage members remotely and track progress through the app, communicate with members via in-app messaging and coaching calls to ensure goals are on track and being achieved.
  • Accountability and Progress Tracking: Allow members to train smarter and be more accountable for their fitness goals with advanced tracking which includes nutrition, food, measurements, and progress records.
  • Group and Community Engagement and Gamification: Drive stronger member engagement and motivation through in-app groups, challenges and communities that complement digital programs and keep members more accountable to their goals.
  • For studio operators, the integration allows their ABC GLOFOX client data to be synced in real-time to ABC TRAINERIZE, eliminating the need to maintain data in both systems. This saves time and money and greatly simplifies the process.

As a result of the integration ABC GLOFOX offers its customers the ability to be highly nimble and quickly adapt to the individual needs of each of its members to create a varied yet deeply personal studio experience. For example, offering advance tracking with 1-to-1 members with a personalized growth plan to meet their fitness goals.

“We are very proud of the collective team effort between ABC GLOFOX and ABC TRAINERIZE to bring this exciting integration to market. By integrating the strengths of these two platforms, we are once again helping our customers adapt to the evolving fitness landscape. It helps them deliver enhanced member experiences while also allowing them to scale their business.” Said Conor O’Loughlin, President ABC GLOFOX.

The integration also allows ABC TRAINERIZE enterprise customers to benefit from the highly acclaimed integrated club management solution of the ABC GLOFOX platform. Its suite of tools spanning sales, marketing, member management, payments, and analytics are all hosted in a centralized, easy-to-use platform helps take studios and gyms to the next level. The advanced tools made possible by the ABC GLOFOX integration can help ABC TRAINERIZE customers better manage multiple aspects of the business, such as staff management, member acquisition and retention, and billing.

“After many months of development, I am excited to present this integration to both ABC TRAINERIZE and ABC GLOFOX customers as well as the wider boutique studio market,” said Sharad Mohan, President ABC TRAINERIZE. “It dramatically increases studios’ ability to provide the most personalized and varied member experience, ensuring they engage with members in the gym, at home, and online. In a world where 59% of people favor a 60:40 split between at the gym and working out at home, boutique studios need to continue to serve members where and when they want, and ABC Fitness will be there to continue to innovate to help them do so.”

In a recent studio report, the three most pressing challenges to improving profitability cited by operators were hiring, customer acquisition, and growth. The ABC TRAINERIZE/GLOFOX integration addresses all three by allowing customers to grow without adding new staff and more efficiently acquire and retain new members by keeping them engaged through a variety of memberships.

Bill Davis, CEO of ABC Fitness, concludes, “With this first integration of our ABC Glofox and ABC TRAINERIZE, ABC Fitness can better serve its existing boutique studio and gym customers by helping them to scale and adapt to the ever-changing fitness environment. While other solutions only allow members to book and buy, this integration gives the ability to book, buy and train. It is another step in our journey to support fitness businesses at every stage of their growth and demonstrates our commitment to bringing the most compelling solutions to market in ways that most suit a specific industry sector. My congratulations go to all the teams involved.”

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