5 Ways to Get Active at Work

November 30, 2016

By: Ali Adcock

We all know the typical 9-5 job in corporate America doesn’t involve much physical activity. In fact, according to studies have shown that we sit on average about 7.7 hours per day. With such a sedentary lifestyle, we have to find small ways to get active and healthy again. Take a look at our quick list of 5 ways to get active at work.

Take the stairs
Instead of taking the elevator or escalator to your office, take the stairs. Taking the stairs will save you time and boost your energy. Instead of standing around waiting on the elevator, especially during busy times like around lunch it’s quicker to take the stairs and better for you to get in a little exercise.

Make it a competition
The best way to get active at work is to create a competition, like who can walk the most steps or most flights of stairs each day or by the end of the week. A lot of people nowadays are wearing fitness trackers making it easy to monitor physical activity. By creating teams and making it a competition you can motivate everyone to get active throughout the work week.

Stand/walk while talking on the phone
Rather than sitting at your desk while on the phone, get up and move around. Walk around your office or down the hall to break away from sitting for long periods of time. As you get up and move around you’ll have better blood circulation and won’t feel as tired.

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Have a walking meeting
Talk with your boss about having your weekly meetings on the go instead of sitting in an office or conference room. Having a walking meeting will help you get up and moving for 15-30 minutes. If it’s a nice day, taking your walking meeting outside to a nearby park to enjoy the fresh air and you’ll leave feeling more refreshed and energized.

Swap your chair for an exercise ball
Using an exercise ball as your chair will help increase your balance and stability while engaging your core muscles. As you may expect, sitting on a ball requires you to balance since it isn’t stable like a normal chair, which in turn forces you to use good posture.

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