5 Benefits of Joining a Gym

May 25, 2016

By: Ali Adcock

It all starts with a goal. Whether it’s to lose weight, become more active, join group fitness classes, improve flexibility, or even finish a 5k, everyone has at least one goal in mind when joining a gym. Though there are some who may take a little more convincing and motivation, that’s why we’ve created a list of the five benefits of joining a gym.


Improved health is the number one benefit for joining a gym. Working out regularly has numerous benefits, from preventing colon and breast cancer to improving muscle strength, joint mobility, and blood circulation.

Support and Motivation

Staying motivated can be difficult if you start down the fitness road alone. Simply having an accountability partner for support and motivation can keep you on the right track to better overall health and weight loss success.

Child Care

Many gyms offer child care which makes it much easier for on-the-go parents with children. You no longer have to give up your workouts, instead you can take the kids with you and let them play in the kid’s area while you get your workout in.

Access to equipment

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While there are some workouts that you can complete at home, the best part about joining a gym is the accessibility of any kind of equipment you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From weight machines to treadmills, it’s easy to get in shape when you have access to all the equipment you need.


Many gyms are more than just treadmills, elliptical and weight machines. Other amenities such as kid’s clubs, tanning, personal training, group exercise classes, spa services, tennis courts, pools and snack/smoothie bars are also available in some gyms.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the decision to join, but we encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle and sometimes all it takes is a gym membership to get started.

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