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How 10 Fitness Scores A “Perfect 10” With ABC Fitness

May 1, 2024

“With automated reports, what used to take an hour and a half every day is now accomplished in seconds. We have built a navigation system to steer our ship exactly where we want it to.”  

Andrew Cheffins

CEO, 10 Fitness

10 Fitness is a locally owned, Little Rock based company that began operations in 2007 and already has 13 locations today. Before using ABC Fitness’s solutions, a significant amount of their administrative work involved manual, repetitive tasks that were impacting efficiency, the culture, and their bottom line.  

The Challenges

  • All agreements were handled on paper, causing duplicated work and operational inefficiencies 
  • Analyzing business metrics used to take one hour and a half every single day, and was going to require hiring an assistant 
  • As a result, the COO was stuck in his office, unable to spend time with the staff or with members  
  • Lack of access control automation used to require front-desk staff at each location 

The Results

  • Using customized reports, now they have actionable insights delivered instantly, by day and location 
  • Reporting automation frees up time to build relationships and a stronger culture  
  • Fully automated and integrated access control saves at least two full-time front desk employees per club, reducing costs significantly  
  • 50% of members now join online 

10 Fitness is taking a step forward and continuing to automate and personalize their dashboards to free up even more time for their team to have a stronger presence at the club, building relationships and their culture, a fundamental part of 10 Fitness’ growth.

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